VIZ-COM project 1 Reflection

Project 1, General Reflection



At first the research went well. Maybe I could have gone a bit deeper on some aspects but to be honest, the place that was given to me didn’t have that much useful information to the project.

My idea development process was naturally flowing during the first 2 postcards and I felt stuck when making the text and image and collage ones. If I had kept the schedules I made for myself it wouldn’t have been a problem being stuck but as I got delayed I started to stress without being able to think and work as I usually do.

Perhaps I should have tried a larger range of materials on this project, I only used the ones I’m confident about and by doing that I didn’t learn any new technical skills or approaches.

My A1 sheets went well given the fact that I had never worked on them before but I didn’t use my sketchbook as much as it would be expected so in one hand it’s good I got to work with a new and bigger area but on the other hand I can’t forget the support that the quick drawings give me on the sketchbook.

When choosing my final ideas I usually pick what works better for me. I often ask others their opinion but just in case I’m in between two good ideas.

Next time I would probably change a few things such as experiment different materials, research deeper into the artists I’m more interested about and give more use to every tool I have in hand.


Illustration Postcard

Project 1, Illustration Postcard

For this postcard my initial ideas were:

  • Nature vs. machines?
  • Casino – poker chips (red, white/blue, green, blue, black)
  • Comics – Humor

After realising that I was having trouble developing ideas I went for a deeper research on this comic artist I’ve always liked: Sarah Andersen. I saw that she had just released a new book called   “Adulthood is a myth” so I went to the book store and bought it. I found Sarah really interesting. This is how she presents herself “Hello! I’m Sarah and I’m a 24 year old cartoonist and illustrator.  I graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014 and currently live in Brooklyn.  My comics are semi-autobiographical and follow the adventures of myself, my friends, and my beloved pets.”   She has illustrative work as well : Andersen’s art. This girl started quite young doing illustration and comic work and as I’m more and more keen on pursuing an illustration/cartoon based degree I enjoyed knowing more about her.

I also got inspiration by:

  • Mitchell MacNaughton’s work and his use of geometric shapes and shadows to create the human body. It shows that every person has it’s way of looking at things and I simply like his vision.
  • Brendan Dawes’s work, again, the use of geometric shapes but in a complete different way. The use of circles! I got interested mainly because I had the poker chips in mind and it could be helpful to develop that idea through Brendan’s illustrations.

Later on I started my A1 sheet (I split the A1 in 2, left side for the typography postcard and right side for the illustration one). Developing my ideas through sketching and experiences helped me to quickly find a final work idea. I tried doing a small comic, I studied the design of the poker chips, their shape and colour, the casino itself (the architecture) and some other ideas such as Sanremo’s landscapes. I followed the poker chips idea and did some experiences and came up with my final postcard!


My final A1 sheet:


Colour tests:

IMG_20160919_155317.jpg  IMG_20160919_155306.jpg  IMG_20160919_155331.jpg

The one in the middle (with the detailed green poker chip) was the one that worked better for me so…

My final Postcard:


Typography Postcard

Project 1 Typography Postcard


My initial ideas were:

  • The use of flowers
  • Sanremo’s train station
  • Poor gastronomy
  • Rally

I wanted to either combine those topics or use them individually to my typography postcard. I liked the shape of the tires and began to think of interesting ways of representing them so I started my A1 work sheet!

Just when I began to develop my ideas on the sheet we had a project review meeting with Karl where we sat on the table and talked about our work to other colleagues and they would give us ideas/ things we could improve/ positive critics about our work which I found it was tremendously helpful that time because I was feeling a bit lost. As I presented my work these were the suggestions I got:

  • city of flowers + metal materials combined (eg: flowers from metal)
  • paint in style of Italian painter (boccioni???)
  • flowers with colors from cars (rally)
  • tires could be used as the middle of the flowers

Later on I started to develop the ideas that were giving to me and my own combined as I would search for typographers as well. I took a look at some artists that ended up inspiring my final work:

  1. Eric Gill – He was mainly typographer and sculptor but what fascinated me about him was the way he uses lettering to create shapes in order to send a message.
  2. Neville Brody – From what I’ve searched of him he developed a whole new language “that consisted of a mixture of visual and architectural elements” but what really captured me was how his thinking behind the project is present in the project itself!
  3. Herb Lubalin – Again, his beautiful lettering to form shapes, the way he plays with the word’s meanings and how he represents them.

My sheet along the project:

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After I completed it I had more or less the final idea. However I still did some color experiences on my sketchbook:

-_oC7RF54-vGrgcH2gJ4T1jSCEh1vlVmaYK9stAfZTTQ2jjbfxoEXa7WcAfwi2O2GA_EavqOq2yDwuG0QOb3zskwlolNI0chHx3bFvd2RK6QaPjbJ1EKziS-RkBHVMupdYOYYP00IpjcSvsLx3ZXOfLSlRgYbXg-NechxGM133SUgmeFTP4ZBlpFcqxlu6yIuBDUC7n9t7eyPtdcpKdmz51dzy_pLyVWk.jpg 8Pnf6nPdwsbllfZpKw0bXgxvCHjig_VRZMEtELdTYDqdxb2Gw6VQ6D_y6WX3vNYaiRyprrD_cl8pcQYnRksRJSfkI3M_Tfu4Y7efeTB7EIR1N0PTEz2i1InIOytfJqJYZq_jHU3RTkSF7WPjmzgApEr3DusbcBAjkVcC9_3R9yGMTxhBMz54F-uEHICHagCKv0dUrhxOO-p05uXEv7V5iEp6OHmJu4ohL.jpg






I didn’t think that any of these ideas worked 100% so I decided to not use either the black background or the text saying “THE CITY OF”


And finally my final typography postcard!


VIZ-COM “wish you were here”

First project, Foundation year


At first we randomly picked a postcard that had to be the base of the whole project. My postcard’s place was Sanremo in Italy. The first part of the project began: Research and discover everything about our place.



For me, the research was the easy part, just gather as much information I can so later I can choose what to use in the project. I found the basic information but as Sanremo is considered an exotic place I tried to get away from that idea because it was too logic and easy.

Some links I used on my research:

Sanremo (General Information)

Sanremo’s Rally

Sanremo’s Casino

(and other websites including their cousine and music festivals)

Some videos that helped me visualize Sanremo’s really known rally (I really liked the idea of using cars and machinery linked with the fact that Sanremo is considered the city of flowers)

I picked up topics like Ecomony, History and the art history in Sanremo. Though it’s a small city with not so much to tell, it has amazing colorful landscapes and beaches by the Ligúria’s ocean.


We were told to present evidence of research work. It could be in our sketchbooks, separate sheets, A1 sheets, basically we could do it the way we thought it was best. I chose the A1 sheet mainly because I had never work on such a big area and I felt it was quite challenging to make it look visually pleasant and informative.

The process:


p6ews0rvjl4vo6qdqyvuf8zoq9nrgcvvjork1ur9cg7ujjrtzaak_zyhxgg_krqrntmexm0l8d7mqwqjw-3rt92ma7tbrd5zys5pvjc2m_yuxtygudxdmjccbwvzl_q4hsm05izygt1hmmbnxzd2g2-b655cggetkz6agd_tcb8bwk0jv84iauxohu4zftmayokgkk4x _rxggytrsro_lqoy3btf8ch8moskzsllv-r2hejibe-hsajtm03rvvdrmkde5kpeexjanrtnq2gql-coww36jemwwazb6ff4czzgmtaluzbdwa82trgccx0kjzgn896l2bwpes35ua35obomr8fssqmbvyekmptjtzblni7zw0rzl0hwwrl7xttfg6glydp0vgah5i0t

Final Research Sheet

At the end I was happy with the way I represented the unknown characteristics of Sanremo along with some text explaining the interesting facts about it and got excited about working on A1 sheets.