Animation Project – Planning

I decided to continue studying at FAVU (Brno) until the end of the year! This fact made it easier for me to choose bigger projects and I am really really excited!

I discussed with my teacher about what I wanted to do. I mentioned I wanted to do an animation and he accepted! Now I started an animation project, which will be a short-movie. My teacher will guide me throughout the process and let’s just say that I have a loooot of work to do!



In this phase I had to plan my project and research about how to do it. I took a script and creative writing class last year which made me learn a lot about writing and thinking about the story. However I did not learn about the other parts of a movie. Luckily, I found the perfect blog with all this information!

Here you have the link for it!

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 14.45.09.png

It is written by Inglis Thorburn, the mind behind “Minty cool, Minty cool”, a short animation series. This post helped me with my animation’s plan:

  1. Development
  2. Pre-Production
  3. Production
  4. Post-Production

I use an app, daily, to help me with all my tasks, including the personal ones. The app is called Todoist and inside I’ve put all the tasks for this project:

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 14.54.42.png

It looks like this now! (Above)

This really helps me see the overview of my day before I start!

I used another reference to plan my project. As you know (or should know), I made a final major project 2 years ago at Oxford Brookes University. There they gave a really complete document about what I had to do for my project. I took this document, made some changes and came up with a material list I want to have by the end of the project and a weekly plan for this first part of the project. Here they are:



Right now I am on schedule but we’ll see how long it lasts….

Stay tuned! Next post will be about my animation’s story!






LTA – Search search search!!!

Researching about cinema

After the presentation class of today, with teacher Jaime Neves, I was reminded again how important it was to be curious, which I am but usually, I get lazy…

Everyone presented themselves and talked about movies, directors and videos they liked. After realizing I don’t know one-third of the ones said by other people I decided I seriously have to research and inform myself about what’s there! Cinema and picture are a very very vast world. So I decided I should focus on the “classics” first and then I’ll start to open gradually the type of cinema.

For now the teacher recommended: Nebraska and Mommy

I did some research:

I’ll start with the ones that are more my style and after I’ll really have to be open-minded for the world of cinema!!!

FMP – Set design, gesture and lip movement studies

I finally finished my volleyball net. The project is going as planned though I am leaving a lot of work for the last week. I am loving the experience of this project and I keep learning everyday. I feel like I am pushing myself every day, in a good way.

Now I am looking at some videos before starting the animation… As I researched, it really helps if we have a video of a person making the same gestures we want the bird to make so I asked my dad to make some video with different gestures and expressions for the different lines of the Bird. And so he did!Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 10.55.51.png

(just a screenshot of the video)

With this I intend to study the movement so the bird looks more natural! I also asked Lucy Barlett (my voice), to film herself talking so I could study her lip movement so it would be easier to sync with the Bird’s beak.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 10.57.38.png

I am getting closer to animate and it has been a long long journey. I think that technically, the project is working but my problems will appear while making the animation and I won’t have a lot of time to fix them. Perhaps the plasticine moulding could have gone better but I still have time to fix it. I am truly excited to start “shooting”


To do list (next):

  • improve bird, soften the plasticine
  • paint clay volleyballs
  • paste backdrop onto the set
  • Animate!!

FMP – Lip sync and eye blinking (animation)

Lip sync

I’ve looked through several lipsync videos and tutorials and I’m highlighting some research related to that. All my technical notes are on my small journal.  However, I had to decide whether I was going to animate the beak in order for it to say every word or if I was just going to open and close it. I took the second option (even though I didn’t start the animation that’s my plan). A helpful video:

I also did a lot of research on mouth shapes and understanding lip sync. In the end, I concluded that I would be safer with just opening and closing the beak of my puppet.

Eye movement and blinking

Since the mouth won’t move a lot I thought that giving blinking to my character would help her be more life like. I researched and there are several types of blinking and took some notes:

  • Normal blinking – 2 frames to go down (close the eye) 1 hold frame, 3 frames to open the eye again. Apparently, we are slower opening our eyes than closing them.
  • Fast blinking – 2 frames down, 3 up (usually used when staring at something)
  • Long blink – 3 frames to close, 1 frame to hold, 4 frames to open – used when thinking (slow)
  • Flirty blinking (fast blink) – 1 almost closed, 2 to open

With this, I can really give life to my puppet. I now have to think of a better eye mechanism.

Regarding eye movement, I took some notes on

  • changing eye direction: no more than 3 frames, eye movements are really fast
  • When talking with someone: Eye moves from left to right ( just one frame)
  • When looking around: eye makes a triangular shape – 1 left, 1 down, 1 up.

That is my research so far regarding these aspects and I am saving all the video and websites links on a word document so I can evidence my research.




FMP – Set design and voice recording

Notes on my set design and voice recording.

Set design

Yesterday I called my dad and asked him to take pictures of the indoor gym of the club because I will try to draw it and make it my set. My idea is to remake the gym and draw it with watercolors. I would also like to have a volleyball net on the set and a few plasticine balls on the floor. As Helen suggested in our last tutorial I researched backdrop animators and designers:


  • Paul Julian – Warner Bros.
  • Barry Kooser – Disney, Worker Studio
  • Brice Mack – Disney
  • Maurice Noble – Warner Bros., MGM Animation
  • Kazuo Oga – Studio Ghibli, Madhouse
  • Walter Peregoy – Disney, Format Films, Hanna-Barbera
  • Tyrus Wong – Disney, Warner Bros
  • Kōji Yamamura – Independent
  • Yale Gracey – Disney

I’ve quickly looked thorough these and saved a few images that inspired me. I might do a sheet with them.

Voice recording

I have now a draft of my script. With that, I started imagining my character’s personality and her potential voice. I wrote a few notes that say her voice has to be:

  • Happy, excited
  • Childish
  • Naive
  • Young and fun

I will be able to edit the voice so I can play with it but I wouldn’t want to go too far from the original.




FMP – Artist Research

During the morning I researched through some stop motion and plasticine artists.


  • Rich Webber – the director of Purple and Brown, Shawn the sheep and Wallace and Gromit. He works with Aardman animations and in one interview he gave he stated that their focus on animating usually lies upon the detail and expression of the eyes and eyebrows. I also found his Instagram page that can be helpful for inspiration0cf093dd73df529f605a1256614b5b57.jpg
  • Corky Quakenbush – a worker in American motion pictures and TV series in a wide variety of different jobs, including camera work, writing, and production. One of his specialities is in stop-motion animation. They produced “Rudolph the red nose reindeer”.88beb43c5ae5072b8e5c1208c83dde51.jpg
  • Charley Bower – One of the stop-motion pioneers. He made a short film with a bird eating metal. The animation is not so smooth in some parts so it allowed me to observe exactly how he moved some objects.
  • Lou Bunin – Puppeteer Lou Bunin created one of the first stop motion puppets using wire armatures and his own rubber formula. Bunin went on to produce a feature-length film version of Alive in wonderland with a live-action Alice and stop motion puppets portraying all the rest of the characters.c4a424eaa73acc2de82e7a3b93e65710.jpg
  • Di Conway – Wellington sculptress Di Conway is widely known for her ‘fat-lady’ sculptures created in her converted “shed” at her home. It is through these quirky, humorous figures and the underlying social commentaries about life, and empowerment of women that they embody, that Di has established a cult following in Wellington. Creating works in both bronze and clay. This artist is not an animator but I found her work really interesting because her sculptures all like slightly cartoony.54920175dc82c6e39d61cc40ba46d56a.jpg


This research helped me visualising different methods and approaches to clay modelling and stop motion animation.

FMP – Research and development

This morning I finally photocopied the pages of the books I am researching. It took me much more time that I was expecting, it basically took me all morning to print all I wanted and cut the pages on the guillotine. During the rest of the day, I was chasing time to keep up with the tasks I had planned.

I did a lot of sketching today. I was observing birds and they’re movements so my drawings were quite fast and sketchy. I was really happy with the outcome because the final pieces were all really expressive and it helped my project moving forward when it comes to understanding how birds fly and move.


I then mounted the drawings into an A1 sheet. I was happy with but I still have to finish it because it looks too white or empty…


With the drawings I’ve made from animators research I came up with an A1 sheet to make it more visual. It turned out to look quite busy but I like it.


I finished the day by organising the next sheet I’m going to make, which is about the bird’s anatomy. I just cut some pictures and starting making a plan of how I want it to look like. But I also bought plasticine for my project. To be honest it was not an easy task… I don’t have experience, I don’t really know the amount of plasticine necessary to make one model so I just hope I bought enough.


To sum it up, my project is moving forward to a considerably fast rhythm. For now, the only thing that is bothering me is my last sheet, there is something missing but I don’t know what… Besides that everything is working really well because I managed to complete all tasks I planned and I’ve been being too optimistic but for now it’s ok. I am happy with my work so far. Sheets are looking good, research also and I am now ready to move on with CHARACTER DESIGN!!