Fundamentals of Sound classes

An overall of the course and Sound


For someone who had some expectations about this course, I still get surprised every day. In general, the course is even better than I thought would be. I realize it opens me so many doors… I just have to be careful not to get lost between them!

My classmates are the nicest people. Always ready to help, share and discuss and that’s crucial because I’ll probably stay in touch with these people and work with them. It’s funny because it looks like I’m just getting used to how nice and welcoming people are in Porto.

About the Sound classes, in particular, I am just loving to learn the science part of music. How octaves work and tones. I already know most of the things but just because I studied piano and it happened already twice that my brain clicks when there’s some explanation about notes or something because it’s a different explanation for the same things but it helps me understand it through another perspective.

I also like the rhythm we’re taking things. The sound is not an easy thing to understand 100% so the classes don’t flow as fast as others, which is good.

I am really happy with these classes and the course in general.

Stay tuned!

“Making of” making!

I am curently working on the “making of” video where I’ll have a compilation of photos and tmie-lapse videos of me making the puppet, the set and the animation itself. It is going prey well since I am using iMovie to make it simple. I have it almost complete and now I can focus only on the animation.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 01.37.31.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 01.37.42.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 01.38.04.png

Quick Reflection: I believe this video will add a lot to my project. It will have a greater impact if I show how everything was done. For now I am slightly worried about time but I will figure it out. If I would repeat this project I’d say I’d probably start it earlier ( but I guess that’s what everyone says ) and I would make a bigger set because my current one feels small for my puppet proportions.

FMP – Reflection (on work so far)

For now, everything is going as planned. Of course, the plan changed along the way but I think that’s the idea also. Regardless the tight schedule I will focus on doing the maximum.

My research for this project has made me move forward to animation and filmmaking in a way I would never imagine. I have been highlighting research almost everyday and every day I learn something new and useful on animation. I read about puppet making, film basics, dialogue, script writing, background music, storyboarding, etc.. All things I will use in the future and I must say the research really pays off and I’m loving learning new things by myself. I think that my research is the strongest point of my project so far.

The feedback is also a great part of my project. Both Helen and my peers have been quite helpful and that showed me that it is always better to have each other’s opinions to make our work better. With this project, I am learning a lot about the importance of feedback and the impact it had on my project so far

The next stages of my project are all about making so I think I have a pretty solid base.

I still have a lot of work ahead of me, making the set, making the animation, and edit everything but I feel like I learned so much already. Now I have to keep up with my work and focus on moving it forward.

Paper Project – Reflection

Reflection: Though I was quite happy with the final outcome I feel I could have done more. I didn’t research as deeply as I could and that’s what I would change in future projects. I finished the project really fast and I noticed I became much faster on programs such as after effects, adobe bridge and final cut pro which is really helpful for what I’m studying next: Computer animation.


I really enjoyed doing this project but it was really a lot of work and time-consuming. To make it a perfect project I would have to have a deeper research and pay more attention to small details that make a difference.


Reflection – 3D drawing project 

PART TWO, reflection drawing project

I believe this was one of my fastest and most successful project. Though I didn’t research much the drawings and sheets developed just fine.

I could probably try to be more bold next time since I was drawing shapes I was confident about and I could have played more with the shape itself (sphere).

Besides that I think that the project went really well. I enjoyed it and I learned and applied several perspectives. Charcoal and fine liner were always one of my top choice materials so I got along.

I’m afraid there’s not much I can say about this project! It just went really well and within the schedules!

Reflection – Museums project

PART TWO, Museums project’s reflection

I do not see this project as a success. However, there is a lot to learn with it.

First of all, the research. I would say that the research was the best part of the project because I was able to take a tour at the museum, take loads of notes and gather a lot of useful and interesting information that I wouldn’t have if I was alone.

I sketched quite a few things and details that caught my attention but I could have drawn much more and after I had the sketchbook and the research I got lazy. I thought I would have time to come up with a product, but I didn’t. By the time we had to have all the sheets ready to send them to the museum I only had my A1 research sheet. That turned the possibility of my product being chose impossible. I didn’t have any product.

After that I just lost motivation and let time pass without doing much about the project and until now I don’t have a product. Now I see that I really have to put myself into a project when I receive the brief. Otherwise it will be really hard to catch up.

Next time I really have to change my disposition and attitude towards the project and start it right away. Having ideas fast can be hard but letting time pass sure doesn’t help it.


VIZ-COM project 1 Reflection

Project 1, General Reflection


At first the research went well. Maybe I could have gone a bit deeper on some aspects but to be honest, the place that was given to me didn’t have that much useful information to the project.

My idea development process was naturally flowing during the first 2 postcards and I felt stuck when making the text and image and collage ones. If I had kept the schedules I made for myself it wouldn’t have been a problem being stuck but as I got delayed I started to stress without being able to think and work as I usually do.

Perhaps I should have tried a larger range of materials on this project, I only used the ones I’m confident about and by doing that I didn’t learn any new technical skills or approaches.

My A1 sheets went well given the fact that I had never worked on them before but I didn’t use my sketchbook as much as it would be expected so in one hand it’s good I got to work with a new and bigger area but on the other hand I can’t forget the support that the quick drawings give me on the sketchbook.

When choosing my final ideas I usually pick what works better for me. I often ask others their opinion but just in case I’m in between two good ideas.

Next time I would probably change a few things such as experiment different materials, research deeper into the artists I’m more interested about and give more use to every tool I have in hand.