FMP – Tutorial with Helen

Today I had another quick tutorial with Helen. It was really helpful. Helen suggested I would do extra details of plasticine like several eyes, beaks and the legs so I could make the bird walk. Given the fact that in the original model the legs are not strong enough to hold and balance the body. With these details, I can zoom in on my animation and make everything neater. So that is what I did right after Helen left:

Eye making (time-lapse)

Beak making ( time-lapse)


The final list given to me by Helen had the several points and goals for this week:

  • Storyboarding
  • voice recording
  • set design making
  • Next week: animate ( book studio with Adrien )
  • Refining details on model
  • Try detail shots – foot to add movement, extra beaks and eyes
  • Look artists/ animators + backdrops

3D Animation – Model making

3D Model making, project 3

Here is the whole process of my 3D model:

I took long and some things are not so well made like the jumper, it’s just glued because I don’t know how to sue but I generally like the outcome. I just wish I had had more time to make a stop-motion animation with this model because both the head and the ears move.