Creative Writing – Final work

For my final project of creative writing I was assigned to write a 5 to 7 pages long story. The requirements were:

  • At least one or two characters
  • It had to have a narrator and the dialogue was up to us
  • It had to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. (The end could be “opened”, wihtou a specific closure)
  • The theme was completely free

I came up with several ideas right away but I notice I gained some difficulty writing in portuguese, which made me really sad because I loved to write. Since my last year in england, my portuguese got a lot worse…

After 2 drafts of 2 completely different stories I spoke with the teacher that told me they were too complex andconfusing. He told me that I had to come up with something simple, that didn’t have to tave a deep message.

Since I had really few classes of this subject it was impossible to sit again with the teacher and talk about my story.

I ended up writing about a family trip of a girl that’s on a wheelchair. I describe all the situations and points of view of someone who’s on a wheelchair on a rather funny way. At the end, I make a small note to the reader that basically say that though I am describing it with humor, there’s a lot of people who aren’t lucky enough to live and move without a wheelchair.


I am not especifically proud of the story I wrote. I think I could have done something much much better and due to lack of time and organization I didn’t. Being better organized is something I have to get better at and if I write a little something everyday (in portuguese) it will gradually help my writing… I guess.


For the work presentation, the teacher said that we had to tell our story in a creative way, not just tell it. I decided to make some illustrations of my story!

My story’s space is in Rome and since the main character is on a wheelchair, I illustrated some turistic landscapes of Rome. For the same turistic place I have 2 illustrations, one in colour, that represents what people that are sanding see and the other one, in black and white to show what the main character was seeing at that time.

Here they are:


I’ve had fun making these and I think it was a pretty funny idea, so for that I am proud!

This half of the module is over and we’ll now learn how to write a script for our story 🙂


Book Interview!

The interview I made a couple of weeks is out! You can find it here !!!

There is also a book trailer on youtube here!

It’s been an amazing experience going through all the process of the launcing of the book. It is still unbelievable how everything happened… I am just writting this post to have a proof of how I am feeling right now.

I am aware that my work is far away form being perfect but right now I’m focused on how this project made me grow artistically and as a person!

Note: The book’s official launching was on the 18th of November and I was out of Portugal and therefore couldn’t make it.


Book “Contos das 4 estações” / Presentation

The editor of the book arranged a presentation on a primary school. When I got the email I was really excited but also nervous.

It was a group of 40 kids, ages from 6-8yo more or less. First, the author read a part of the book, the autumn part (because we’re in that season) and then called a couple of kids to read other parts. Me, in the meantime, I was passing the slides that had the illustration of the part that was being read.

After that was question time, where kids made some to the author and me. I was not expecting being asked anything but it went well 🙂

At the end there were 3 different activities, there were facial paintings with a girl, I was going around the room drawing on the kid’s sheet something they wanted from the story, either a character or a bird or something and the author was also going around showing the books to everyone.


It was amazing! I was so nervous but having all those kids acting like I was their idol made it easier hehe!

Illustrating the book was really hard work but this kind of experiences are really paying off!!!!

Here is the link to the book!

Book “Contos das 4 estações” / Interview

I illustrated a children book! Never thought I would illustrate a book so soon but it happened and I am really glad I had this experience!

Working directly with the author, with photoshop, illustrator, I learned a lot with this job and it was really fun!

The other day I got called to make a small promotional video on the city park, here in Porto with the author. Ironically it was te first time I saw her since we only talked by email before. They handed us the printed book!!!!! It was a great feeling having my name and drawings on that children book! Almost unbelievable…

After that the interview came. To be honest I’m not very good with cameras but the camera man was really nice and made me feel comfortable. The interview felt great and I hope to see the video soon!




Illustration Process

I am currently illustrating a Portuguese book for children. It is my first work for a real client. As I didn’t know anything about illustration processes I had to learn by myself. I decided to illustrate with watercolor. I drew just the characters and the background would be added later.IMG_20170120_154935IMG_20170122_182640

I then emailed the editor to ask the type of file I should send. I was told that the best for them was for the illustrations to be in vectors because they would need to make pop-ups in bigger dimensions. Of course, I panicked. The deadline is already short and my illustrations were in pixels and not in vectors so I emailed Claire about it. Claire appeared on my desk the next morning and explained everything to me in just 10 minutes! The process of my illustrations was:

  • Scan them in 300 dpi ( enough resolution )
  • After editing them on photoshop save them as a high-quality JPEG
  • Go to adobe illustrator – Open new
  • Place – Image trace – High fidelity colour
  • Expand
  • Save!

That way I could convert my pixelated illustrations into vectored ones. I also learned how to select a certain part of an image and place it into a different background.

These are the stages:


I believe this job will help me a lot when it comes to connections and learning about illustration processes.

Illustration Postcard

Project 1, Illustration Postcard

For this postcard my initial ideas were:

  • Nature vs. machines?
  • Casino – poker chips (red, white/blue, green, blue, black)
  • Comics – Humor

After realising that I was having trouble developing ideas I went for a deeper research on this comic artist I’ve always liked: Sarah Andersen. I saw that she had just released a new book called   “Adulthood is a myth” so I went to the book store and bought it. I found Sarah really interesting. This is how she presents herself “Hello! I’m Sarah and I’m a 24 year old cartoonist and illustrator.  I graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014 and currently live in Brooklyn.  My comics are semi-autobiographical and follow the adventures of myself, my friends, and my beloved pets.”   She has illustrative work as well : Andersen’s art. This girl started quite young doing illustration and comic work and as I’m more and more keen on pursuing an illustration/cartoon based degree I enjoyed knowing more about her.

I also got inspiration by:

  • Mitchell MacNaughton’s work and his use of geometric shapes and shadows to create the human body. It shows that every person has it’s way of looking at things and I simply like his vision.
  • Brendan Dawes’s work, again, the use of geometric shapes but in a complete different way. The use of circles! I got interested mainly because I had the poker chips in mind and it could be helpful to develop that idea through Brendan’s illustrations.

Later on I started my A1 sheet (I split the A1 in 2, left side for the typography postcard and right side for the illustration one). Developing my ideas through sketching and experiences helped me to quickly find a final work idea. I tried doing a small comic, I studied the design of the poker chips, their shape and colour, the casino itself (the architecture) and some other ideas such as Sanremo’s landscapes. I followed the poker chips idea and did some experiences and came up with my final postcard!


My final A1 sheet:


Colour tests:

IMG_20160919_155317.jpg  IMG_20160919_155306.jpg  IMG_20160919_155331.jpg

The one in the middle (with the detailed green poker chip) was the one that worked better for me so…

My final Postcard: