Inktober 2018

During the whole month of October I decided to embark on a new experience!

There is a challenge called Inktober 2018 where each day you are given a word and with that you have to come up with an illustration with ink.

This contest exists mainly to help artists develop their skills with ink, which is not so easy to use. It also helps artists to share their work with the world. This seemed like a good idea so I went for it!

The official prompt list:

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 16.00.10

All my drawings are on my instagram account here!

Or…. You can see them here (ordered from day 1):

It was not always easy and sometimes instead of making one drawing per day I did 2 because I missed one day.

It was really fun but I am also glad I am done!

Overall it was a good experience and although I am still not a master of the inks I learned  lot.





Game Design – Trees

Last week, on my multimedia studio class we looked at game assets and libraries. Our teacher showed us how to create whole new world (for a game) using simple shapes. He used one of his projects to show us that he made up scenarios, architecture, nature and animals based on the shape of an hexagon.

Note: an asset is anything you see in a game. From a character, to its clothes, to the world he is living in.

The project briefing was to create our own trees! So he explained some rules about these assets and how to come up with a library:

  • Each element has to be resizable and reusable – make it in big resolution.
  • If we are talking about nature elements we have to consider the different seasons.
  • Make up a portfolio of small elements that can be applied for many situations. (Ex: scanning folded paper to had texture in the shapes we create – usable in many situations).
  • Once we choose an element (trees), make at least 6 versions so when you use several it doesn’t become repetitive.
  • If we use a shape or a certain pattern, we should repeat it sometimes so the world comes together. However, we can always generate new things from those shapes or patterns.
  • Once we have something complex, for instant the character, we should decompose it in small elements.
  • Irregularities are what make a world interesting and believable.
  • The deeper we go the better and more believable it gets. (Ex: Make a real map of our new world).

After this presentation we started to work and the main task was to create our own trees. 6 of them and apply the different seasons.

First I did some research on pinterest that you can see it here!

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 15.20.23.png

After that I got to work and these were my first attempts:


I quite like them but decided to go for this one which was my 3rd attempt:


This is my Spring tree. Now what I had to do was to come up with 5 more trees inside the same style and then play around with the seasons.

Extra: I really wanted the colors to work so I would this color generator called coolors and it really helped me. If you’re looking for pallets, that is the site you should go, it’s free!

Here are my final seasons and elements:



Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 15.28.29.png


Summer.pngScreen Shot 2018-11-01 at 15.29.46.png


AutumnScreen Shot 2018-11-01 at 15.32.33.png


Winter.pngScreen Shot 2018-11-01 at 15.33.34.png

I am pretty satisfied with my work! But let me know what you think 🙂

It was amazing to discover this new possibility of creating my own world… Stay tuned for more!

Birthday Illustration

In the middle of September I got a call from my aunt asking me to make an illustration for her sister’s birthday! (My godmother btw).

The illustration had to be hand made and with watercolors. No digital touch.

My aunt made it very easy because she told me exactly what she wanted. As a designer she must know how frustrating it is to try and figure out what the client wants.


  • Both my aunt and her sister in it.
  • Draw different objects that point out their differences, one with the laptop, rational, organized and sporty and the other one with a camera, flowers and comfy hippie shoes.
  • Use the colors red and blue for the first one and the colors orange and purple for the second one

This was basically what my aunt wrote me and to add up to that she also sent me some references:


We had discussed on the phone that I would be using watercolors and fine liners only!

And so I started and here is the journey!!!

I tried different approaches and I was always talking to my aunt after every try I made.

We both agreed that the last one was the most original but that the sister on the left should be the one with the arm position from talking because apparently she speaks a lot with gestures and that one on the right, which is the older sister, should have her arm around her because she has the protective role.

I changed those things and here is the final one:


It is simple but really colorful! I really liked the outcome because it is much more my style than the first ones. I already shipped it and my aunt is going to frame it. I hope i arrives on time!!!!

Had a lot of fun playing with watercolor so if you need some illustrations contact me 😉


“Contos da avó Mané” – Illustration

Hey Hey!

It has been a while… But I got a lot of news for you!


During this summer until now I was illustrated another children’s book. It is called “Contos da avó Mané”. The job was offered to me by the same editor as the first book but the author was different.

I accepted the offer right away although the deadlines were tough.

The book includes 2 poems. One of them is about the story of “A cigarra e a Formiga” and the other is about the human body and its internal organs (in a funny way, don’t worry).

I started with the first poem:

  • Character Design: This was the hardest step of all… I had no inspiration in the beginning. This story has been told and illustrated so many times that it was a challenge to come up with a new way of representing the animals. Here are my failed attempts on getting the ant character, by order (formiga): Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 22.35.06Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 22.35.03Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 22.35.00

And this was my final version:

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 00.39.04.png

  • Background: Since I read the poem for the first time I thought that a newspaper background would work. The poem has some words missing so it’s a small exercise for the kids to figure out what is the word missing. To me, this background made sense since it is filled of hidden words!!!
  • Brushes/Colors: I decided to use the same brushes for each character to create a certain style. The brush gives a texture of a crayon and I quite liked it. Since there was no reference to colors whatsoever, I used the ones I thought would be best. For the Ant and the Cicada (Cigarra) I made a color pallet because I had to draw them several times:

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 15.21.01.png

Most of the illustrations of this poem were not hard and I kept adding more and more detail the characters. Here are all the finished illustrations of this poem:

Hope you like it!

For the second poem things were a bit different…

  • Character Design: The poem talked about the human body and it’s organs. They are trying to figure out which organ is the most important one and that should be named president of the whole body. I had to find a way to make our not so attractive organs into something that could be appealing to kids so it was quite hard sometimes (specially with the liver). I have no first sketches of the organs because they all came out at the first try, even if the attempt took days.
  • Background: I decided to go for a much simpler background with this poem because the characters themselves already had a lot going on and I didn’t want to turn the images too busy.
  • Brushes/Colors: I kept using the same brushes I chose for the first poem and here the colors were already implicit even if the author did not mention them. For example the heart is red, the kidneys brown-ish purple…

Here are my finished illustrations for the second poem!

Here is the cover and the counter cover:

I definitely learned a lot with this project. My relationship with he author was always good and she wants me to illustrate two more books of this collection!!!

Of course it wasn’t always easy due to the deadlines and some miscommunication through emails on the number of illustrations needed but I am still really happy to have gone on board with this!

The book premiere will happen in October and since I am doing Erasmus I won’t be able to attend.


Stay tuned 😉



Creative Writing – Final work

For my final project of creative writing I was assigned to write a 5 to 7 pages long story. The requirements were:

  • At least one or two characters
  • It had to have a narrator and the dialogue was up to us
  • It had to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. (The end could be “opened”, wihtou a specific closure)
  • The theme was completely free

I came up with several ideas right away but I notice I gained some difficulty writing in portuguese, which made me really sad because I loved to write. Since my last year in england, my portuguese got a lot worse…

After 2 drafts of 2 completely different stories I spoke with the teacher that told me they were too complex andconfusing. He told me that I had to come up with something simple, that didn’t have to tave a deep message.

Since I had really few classes of this subject it was impossible to sit again with the teacher and talk about my story.

I ended up writing about a family trip of a girl that’s on a wheelchair. I describe all the situations and points of view of someone who’s on a wheelchair on a rather funny way. At the end, I make a small note to the reader that basically say that though I am describing it with humor, there’s a lot of people who aren’t lucky enough to live and move without a wheelchair.


I am not especifically proud of the story I wrote. I think I could have done something much much better and due to lack of time and organization I didn’t. Being better organized is something I have to get better at and if I write a little something everyday (in portuguese) it will gradually help my writing… I guess.


For the work presentation, the teacher said that we had to tell our story in a creative way, not just tell it. I decided to make some illustrations of my story!

My story’s space is in Rome and since the main character is on a wheelchair, I illustrated some turistic landscapes of Rome. For the same turistic place I have 2 illustrations, one in colour, that represents what people that are sanding see and the other one, in black and white to show what the main character was seeing at that time.

Here they are:


I’ve had fun making these and I think it was a pretty funny idea, so for that I am proud!

This half of the module is over and we’ll now learn how to write a script for our story 🙂

Book Interview!

The interview I made a couple of weeks is out! You can find it here !!!

There is also a book trailer on youtube here!

It’s been an amazing experience going through all the process of the launcing of the book. It is still unbelievable how everything happened… I am just writting this post to have a proof of how I am feeling right now.

I am aware that my work is far away form being perfect but right now I’m focused on how this project made me grow artistically and as a person!

Note: The book’s official launching was on the 18th of November and I was out of Portugal and therefore couldn’t make it.


Book “Contos das 4 estações” / Presentation

The editor of the book arranged a presentation on a primary school. When I got the email I was really excited but also nervous.

It was a group of 40 kids, ages from 6-8yo more or less. First, the author read a part of the book, the autumn part (because we’re in that season) and then called a couple of kids to read other parts. Me, in the meantime, I was passing the slides that had the illustration of the part that was being read.

After that was question time, where kids made some to the author and me. I was not expecting being asked anything but it went well 🙂

At the end there were 3 different activities, there were facial paintings with a girl, I was going around the room drawing on the kid’s sheet something they wanted from the story, either a character or a bird or something and the author was also going around showing the books to everyone.


It was amazing! I was so nervous but having all those kids acting like I was their idol made it easier hehe!

Illustrating the book was really hard work but this kind of experiences are really paying off!!!!

Here is the link to the book!