3D Ceramics & Glass – Reflection

Project 2, Glass and ceramics reflection


In this particular project I believe I skipped some research phases. Though I really enjoyed the project I feel like I could have done more. It was fun for me working with such variety of materials,that’s why I also did some extra work adviced by Helen. 

The clay tile was not what I was hoping before because as explained before I didn’t manage to get the image I wanted in time so it ended up being too simple for me and I believe it doesn’t show my skills completely. Next time I should really try to print the images I need for the project sooner and not 10 minutes before the workshop. 

On the other hand, I was really happy with my glass tiles (The 3 pieces) because they came out of the kiln quiet similar as they were before going inside and the work itself really reflects me. A note to self would be probably:

  • Managing my time better
  • Focus on research 
  • Take responsibility if I leave things for last minute 
  • Learn with my experiences, with the positives and negatives.

I believe this project got me closer to my course choice since I enjoyed more than the others. 

3D Glass – Fused glass making

Project 2, Fused Glass Making

At first Helen showed us the different kind of materials we could use on glass and their effect after being fused. We had a considerable amount of examples of fused glass pieces on our working table and some of them were passed through our hands, it was really helpful because we got to see a large range of the amazing things we could do with glass. After, a lot of safety procedures in order to protect ourselves and others from getting cut were explained. Then the practice work came in – cutting glass. It was explained to us step by step and the “do’s” and “don’t’s”. We had about 10 minutes do practice our cutting skills. I found it quite hard to break the glass after making the line to cut it so I just started using the pliers to help me hold the pieces. Every piece of glass had to be cut under the table level so that none of the glass could potentially land on our eyes or get us cut. The next stage was to make small experiences for our final glass piece and we had to choose the way we wanted Helen to cut our glass. I chose 3 square tiles.

Cuting glass material:



As we were told I picked images to inspire my glass fused piece and as presented on my A1 sheet I wanted to mix 2 different artists:

Vieira Da Silva:                                                                                  David Oliveira:a8f2bfe4940152c3200aa9d2f13bb39b.jpg



I knew I wanted to draw the skeleton with a nice thin line and use Vieira da silva’s work on some kind of background and I was lucky enough to use some of Helen’s new pens for glass. I chose the one where you don’t feel any texture when done. This is what I tried first:

IMG_20161005_114515.jpg         IMG_20161005_114527.jpg

Before this I even thought about making the rectangles in the background like this:


But then I remembered that Vieira da Silva doesn’t draw squares and rectangles like most people. Instead of drawing the outside line she begins painting in the middle and so on until coming up with a rectangle. So I didn’t use this method. I used the “glue” to make the squares/rectangles and covered them with powder.


Light blue, green and pink were the used colors.

I started working on my final pieces (or pieces). I had the printed image underneath the glass so I had a perception of where the skeleton would be.

IMG_20161005_120855.jpg IMG_20161005_120855.jpg IMG_20161005_123115.jpg





This was my final work before going to the kiln. And this is my work after the kiln!



I also did some work on my sketchbook to support my ideas




3D Glass – Developing images

Project 2, Glass – Idea Development

To make our glass pieces we had to choose one image. It could be the same as the one we used to make the clay (when we turned 2D into 3D) or another one.

I personally like a lot of Portuguese artists so I thought about using one. I ended up with 2 artists and two pieces:

  • David Oliveira – He was born in Lisbon (the place where I come from) and he’s one of my favorite sculptures. Here’s how people describe him: “David Oliveira was born in Lisbon in 1980. He holds a degree in sculpture from Lisbon University and since 2005.Exploring the idea of line and space, Oliveira plays on optical illusion. Two dimensions become three dimensional works of wire art. His wire sculptures evokes the appearance of a sketch suspended. Fashioned only in line, the viewer fills in the space to see the character beyond. His work has featured in Arte Lisboa, a national art fair which brings together works from contemporary and modern art galleries.”
  • Helena Vieira Da Silva – I love her style and geometric shapes, here’s the image I chose. I have been to two of her expositions in Portugal and the paintings are just amazing. The little squares we see on the paintings, the first thought would be that she draws the contour and then paints the inside but no. Vieira da Silva always starts squares on their center and then she paints them from there but I guess it gets perceivable once you know, amazing.

So I took the two images above to inspire my glass work and started my A1 sheet to develop them into something more mine. Here is the result:


What interested me the most about David’s work on this piece was the use of the thin line, it’s beautiful. About Helena’s work I just love the effect that her paintings have. Her paintings remind me of buildings, cities, people and that’s what she mainly paints but in this abstract almost non abstract way through lines and squares!

So I did some experiments (on the right side of the sheet) where I drew a lot of different people trying to use David’s approach, just line and without taking my pen off the paper combined with some really soft squares (Vieira Da Silva’s mark). On the left side of the sheet I just tried to understand how both artists approach their art.


3D Glass

Project 2, Glass research

Glass research:

For this research Helen gave us a few artists to look at and that’s what I did first. After that I looked for some other artists and I found really impressible glass made structures/pieces.


  • Amanda Brisbane
  • Christine Wood
  • Dale Chihuly
  • Hiromi Masuda
  • Matsuya Ginza Babaghuri
  • Niyoko Ikuta
  • Robert Mickelson
  • Sally Prash
  • Satoshi Tomizu
  • Wendy Newhofer

We were told to make an A1 sheet with printed images of research and some sketches to specify what we liked about the image we pasted. However it had to be strictly visual with no text whatsoever. (Only to reference the artists). As I found so many artists and pieces that I liked I thought it would be easy to come up with a nice A1 sheet but as I got to organize my ideas and printed images I had some difficulties making it look visually pleasant.

Here is my final glass research sheet:



It’s true I could have researched deeper into the artists ad some more information about them lies on my personal journal but my time management was not perfect so I focused on the pieces I liked the most and tried to figure the reason why. Then I developed some small ideas and tried some new colors and shapes I hadn’t before. It is not m best sheet as I am not tremendously proud of it but it has it’s interesting aspects. (Such as the hands I drew)