Animating ( Adrien’s help)

I spent the whole day making the animation. Moving the puppet over and over again. It was really exhausting but I was curious the final animation and that kept me motivated. I found it really hard to move the puppet and not leave marks but I did my best and some say that that even keeps the animation alive. (who knows).  I am hoping for the best, I still have to edit but since I have some experience it should be relatively fast.

I am really excited!

Note: on my journal I have all the technical notes that Adrien told me about camera settings and lighting. For the editing phase, I will also use a sheet given by Adrien on a previous project on after effects. Big shoutout to Adrien whose the most helpful Technician for me!




“Making of” making!

I am curently working on the “making of” video where I’ll have a compilation of photos and tmie-lapse videos of me making the puppet, the set and the animation itself. It is going prey well since I am using iMovie to make it simple. I have it almost complete and now I can focus only on the animation.

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 01.37.31.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 01.37.42.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 01.38.04.png

Quick Reflection: I believe this video will add a lot to my project. It will have a greater impact if I show how everything was done. For now I am slightly worried about time but I will figure it out. If I would repeat this project I’d say I’d probably start it earlier ( but I guess that’s what everyone says ) and I would make a bigger set because my current one feels small for my puppet proportions.

FMP – Tutorial with Helen

Right after the 3D meeting, I had a tutorial with Helen. But between those I had time to cut my balsa pieces for the puppet:


On the tutorial, we’ve looked through all my sheets. Helen and I discussed the wing mechanism and Helen suggested that I would use wire between two pieces of cardboard instead on the balsa because that way it’s thinner and lighter. I also asked Helen with what material I should use to cover my armature, either gum tape with PVA or masking tape. Helen suggested I tried both on small pieces of balsa and see to which one the plasticine sticks the most. And that’s what I did:


Once it’s dry I will cover them with plasticine.

Another thing I discussed with Helen was my change of plans. Instead of making an educational animation I simply want the bird to present the club. I will still write the stories and make the respective storyboards but I realised that it would take twice as long to make an educational animation because the bird would have to interact with the objects and space around her By making it more simple I am securing that I will have a finished animation. Helen said that it should be fine as long as I update my proposal later. (all of this because I decided to make a set)

During the tutorial, Helen was writing on a sheet and gave it to me later on. It helped understand the next big steps:

  • Drill Balsa wood
  • Finish puppet by next week, lower the gravity centre
  • Choose the narration voice
  • Storyboards to add although not educational narrative – just about the club
  • Possible illustrations for backdrop

Today was a feedback day. Both from Helen and peers.  By the end of the day I had changed my plans and figured a really good armature plan. This project is going well and it keeps moving forward. Next stage – Build puppet

Note: Simon (the new derek) is available for foundation students only on Monday but I’ll try to go there tomorrow since what I want to do doesn’t take a lot of time or tools. (drilling balsa)

FMP – 3D meeting, peer feedback

3D meeting, feedback session

On this Wednesday’s meeting, Helen explained how we should research and what should we do with it and use it for. The presentation was fast and quite useful.


After that, we were divided into groups to make a 5 min presentation of our projects to get some peer feedback. It was interesting to know what others are doing in detail.

I presented my sheets, my sketchbooks and my plan. The feedback and ideas I got were:

  • A good primary research
  • Good link between research and design
  • good range from wide animation to the wing mechanism
  • Researching filming techniques
  • Good character development
  • Knows what’s next


  • Watch Chicken Run
  • Illustrate set, the background
  • or simply build it but make a set for sure
  • Time lapse of animation process

This was basically all I got from Eve Bannister and Eve Martin. It was so helpful!! I love the idea of making a time lapse. I now want to make it for both the stop-motion process and the model making. Also about the set making, I liked the way they encouraged me on doing it.  After this meeting, I changed my plans a bit but all my work seems going forward and it felt great having such a positive feedback.


Some bird research and sheet mounting

After the morning research, I mounted my artist’s images into a research sheet. I just sketched a few things to reference I liked on the printed pictures.



Then I dug into some Sparrow research. I got this book from the library called “Manual of Ornithology” that has really clear images of all types of birds and their body structure, skeleton and details such as feathers and foot shape. I took some copies of the pages that were relevant to this project. I then mounted it on a sheet. Again there is some sketching and visual notes. It’s a visual study of a Sparrow!



I came back to one of my previous sheets I was not so happy about and made it slightly better! (just added the bits of paper with the white line drawings to fill the white spaces)


My project is going ok. I need to speed up things a  little because I don’t have a lot of time. When it comes to sketching and mounting sheets I am satisfied. And also with research I reading a lot at home so those things are going well. However, I believe I could be a bit bolder in the way that I use materials and mount things because this project should, in a way, reflect me as a person and I have to work a bit more freely. What’s next? I have a couple more sheets to mount and next week I hope to work on my model starting with some armature trials.