LTAV Final Work

This year, for the first semester I have a module called “LTAV” which means Linguagens e Tecnologias Audiovisuais. It’s where I learn about camera angles and settings and video formats in the first part and the second part of the module it’s about audio.

For the practical work on the first of the module, the project was to make a small film of our own street. We had to capture at least 15 different angles and have 2 tilts and 2 panoramic movements with the camera. The sound had to be the one recorded by the camera.

First time I went with my camera it went terribly wrong. I wanted to film at night and as my camera is not at all good enough for that, the image was really grainy and the ISO was definitely too high.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 12.03.50Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 12.04.31

After the first try, I decided that maybe I would film during the day. That worked out fine but it was not really what I wanted. I went to get a camera from the university and tried again in the night. This time it worked really well! When I got home I was really happy with my footage. Of course that this camera was 10x better so that helped.


Of course, the outcome got much much darker but the quality increased.

There were a couple of interesting things that happened during the shooting. When I was filming the elevator, the light turned off and I was actually annoyed by that but still kept filming and then I see how the light of the elevator appeared and the effect was great!!! Also with the noises of the movie, there was a cat screaming or crying and it was really creepy and scary. I filmed it and put it in the movie but most people that have seen it ask me if it’s real… It is real, people!!! The police and ambulance noises were also there, I guess I just got pretty lucky with those because actually, my film was kind of a thriller. I took a friend with that really helped me. He was the “man in the shadow”. Throughout the whole movie, you almost don’t see his face, just his silhouette.

Later it came the editing. I used iMovie because I still don’t have premiere. For this project it worked but I know I have to install premiere and start working on it. I tried to place the different footage in order to make a small narrative. It doesn’t really have a great meaning but the goal of the project was only to film the street. First I put them in the order I thought it worked the best, then, of course, I made some changes. I worked with the sound to make it work as a whole. In some parts I lowered the volume, in others I put it up according to the feeling I wanted people to have while watching the movie.

In the end and beginning added some text and thank you notes.

I was very pleased with the final movie. It was another project that helped me learn a lot about cameras and movies since it was my first film, the first time I was actually shooting something with a camera. Editing was fun and made me realize the number of possibilities that a producer has when making a movie. Of course, this was the first experience and I know that it’s far from being professional but I am looking forward to learning more and get better!

Meanwhile, I will find a way to share my movie.

Stay tuned!!!


Book “Contos das 4 estações” / Presentation

The editor of the book arranged a presentation on a primary school. When I got the email I was really excited but also nervous.

It was a group of 40 kids, ages from 6-8yo more or less. First, the author read a part of the book, the autumn part (because we’re in that season) and then called a couple of kids to read other parts. Me, in the meantime, I was passing the slides that had the illustration of the part that was being read.

After that was question time, where kids made some to the author and me. I was not expecting being asked anything but it went well 🙂

At the end there were 3 different activities, there were facial paintings with a girl, I was going around the room drawing on the kid’s sheet something they wanted from the story, either a character or a bird or something and the author was also going around showing the books to everyone.


It was amazing! I was so nervous but having all those kids acting like I was their idol made it easier hehe!

Illustrating the book was really hard work but this kind of experiences are really paying off!!!!

Here is the link to the book!

Book “Contos das 4 estações” / Interview

I illustrated a children book! Never thought I would illustrate a book so soon but it happened and I am really glad I had this experience!

Working directly with the author, with photoshop, illustrator, I learned a lot with this job and it was really fun!

The other day I got called to make a small promotional video on the city park, here in Porto with the author. Ironically it was te first time I saw her since we only talked by email before. They handed us the printed book!!!!! It was a great feeling having my name and drawings on that children book! Almost unbelievable…

After that the interview came. To be honest I’m not very good with cameras but the camera man was really nice and made me feel comfortable. The interview felt great and I hope to see the video soon!




Foundry Workshop

A few days ago, at Católica, my university, I attended a workshop. It was a company called Foundry that has a series of computer programs to do all kinds of 3D visual effects and such. It was the first time I heard about them and I was surprised to know that 3D animation is not using Maya anymore but Nuke, which is their main computer program.

It was a really soft introduction to special effects. we learned what VFX was, we defined compositing and we’ve looked through some of the Nuke’s functions.

Richi Paramo was the man representing Foundry on the workshop. He really made me want to search for every program they have and about animation job positions because I really don’t know everything’s that’s out there!

He also gave us the tip to install Mari and Nuke for free, kind of like a demo and watch several tutorials to start learning how to work with them. One good thing is that it pretty much works like photoshop which is something I’m used to and that’s already an advantage!


Instagram – Photography account

Since I am in the course, I have been trying to experiment more with cameras, wether it’s video or photography. Given that fact, I decided to create a new Instagram account linked with the one I already have (giirart).

Meanwhile I called my aunt to ask wether it was better to create a new one to post just that kind of media or if I should separate it from the original Instagram account… We both agreed that I should separate and then, if needed, combine the two.

Here is the account

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 10.50.19.png

I still don’t have much material to post but I’m sure I will! I also discussed with my aunt that I have to come up with a logo to mark my work. Otherwise people can just save my pictures and call it their own!

Stay tuned… 🙂


Han Zimmer online classes

Han Zimmer’s Masterclass

Han Zimmer is a really known composer of movie soundtracks. He made the music for several films such as Inception, Interstellar, Sherlock Holmes… And by that, we can surely assume he is the top of the top! There’s now a paid masterclass available where he explains what and how we should think when composing something.

Luckily, my Dad offered me this masterclass which I am taking little by litle and it’s just great! I am learning from Han Zimmer!!!

Hopefully, these classes will help me on the piano (I play the piano) and also when it comes to composing. Let’s say I never even tried to compose yet… I am aware this is a great tool I can use and who knows I’ll be doing the soundtrack for my own animations!

Here’s a screenshot of the class:

Has he’s in front of the computer at all times, he can come up with quick examples of what he just said!

I still didn’t finish the Masterclass but there is no reason to be stressed about it!