Photography and photoshop

Some photography experiments


A few days ago I visited the Ribeira, in Porto. I decided to take my digital camera to experiment. (The one my mom lent me). I tried to focus on one theme – buildings. I didn’t take a lot of pictures due to lack of time but I still had fun with it.

Once I got home I uploaded the pictures on my computer and started working on them. I don’t know if being a good photographer means not having to edit your pictures at all but I usually do. I took this chance and decided to play a bit with photoshop. I took only 3 pictures and edited them. They’re all buildings.

Here they are: (after editing)


I am happy with the outcome! I am sure I will get better.

The picture I played with the most was the middle one. I altered the levels of some colours, I’ve changed the background..It took me a while! I’ll show you the original one for you to compare:



At the end, I’m not sure which one I prefer since the original one is much more natural. Oh well…

More experiments will come and I still have a lot to learn!

Movie “Mommy”

After professor Jaime showed us the trailer for this movie and suggested that we watched it I followed his advice! I’m just starting now to be critic about movies because I guess that’s something I should start thinking about. How things are made the way they are, what they want to express… Techniques and that sort of thing.

Generally, I absolutely loved the movie “Mommy”. I had no expectations whatsoever but the movie is really well made and the plot is really really unexpected. (although not relatable) I especially like the main character’s performance and I think that all 3 main characters are so incredibly complex but in some way, they fit together. The film is realistic and makes the viewer wonder about things and choose sides.

My favourite scenes are the last one and the one where the main characters dance. In the last one, the music chosen fits just perfect and I couldn’t think of a better ending, though I didn’t predict it at all. And the one with the dance just has a great impact on the viewer, at least on me.

The movie is quite special and it’s on 4:3, a square, instead of taking the whole tv screen, and it has a reason..

I’m not going to say more because I recommend everyone to watch it.

Here Is the last scene

Here Is the dance scene

Roll-up for birthday party

My sister’s 18 birthday is tomorrow and she asked me to design a roll up for people to take pictures at the entrance. During this week I designed one 🙂

I feel that I’m getting more and more comfortable with photoshop, which is a really good thing.

I started with some really fast sketches

After I searched some backgrounds on Pinterest and saved the ones I thought my sister would like.

Pinterest backgrounds

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 12.10.20.png

Next stage was photoshop. First I designed Inês with the pen and used fonts for the other letters. I had the idea of circles so I made a lot of experiences but unfortunately, I didn’t save them all..

I also had to research the standard size of roll-ups and the resolution that the image had to have.

Here are some of the results:


I shared them with my family and they said that the word “Birthday” was not going to be well read. Since that there was someone else involved, she changed the lettering, with I personally don’t like at all and as it was not made in photoshop so I’m afraid the quality of the image will not be the best one.

This was the final outcome of the roll-up


It ended up being square because the roll-up was 2mx2m

The final outcome is not really what I had in mind and the font really bothers me but I learned once again what it’s like to work with other people and accept their choices! Either way, I’m glad I designed this and I’ll be happy to see it on my sister’s birthday party!

Hopefully, I’ll post a picture of it live 🙂

Stay tuned!


FMP – Another day at the office

Today I started cutting my set. I just took a card box and started cutting it the way I think will suit the best for my set.

After that, I made a few stop motion experiences of details of the bird. (the eyes, the beak, the hair and the fake legs)

Later on, I made a few extra eyes to add some emotions. Meanwhile, I got the email from my dad with the pictures of the gym so I printed them and put them on the set to start picturing how I want the set to look like.


The pictures are not great quality but as I know the gym by heart it’s easy for me. I will use paper with a wood pattern for the floor. That’s what I decided.

After that I started storyboarding the stories I wrote and Eve told me that I should write under each picture what’s happening, the dialogue and arrows indicating what he character is doing.



The project is going as schedule but it is still a lot of work ahead. I am really excited about the final outcome and I love how this project is making me grow and understand what it takes to pursue animation. (though I am aware that in the animation world I won’t be able to participate so much in one animation, I would be responsible for a small part)





FMP – Tutorial with Helen

Today I had another quick tutorial with Helen. It was really helpful. Helen suggested I would do extra details of plasticine like several eyes, beaks and the legs so I could make the bird walk. Given the fact that in the original model the legs are not strong enough to hold and balance the body. With these details, I can zoom in on my animation and make everything neater. So that is what I did right after Helen left:

Eye making (time-lapse)

Beak making ( time-lapse)


The final list given to me by Helen had the several points and goals for this week:

  • Storyboarding
  • voice recording
  • set design making
  • Next week: animate ( book studio with Adrien )
  • Refining details on model
  • Try detail shots – foot to add movement, extra beaks and eyes
  • Look artists/ animators + backdrops

FMP – Plasticine building

Today I spent the whole day building my puppet. Working with plasticine is way harder than I thought. The colours blend in really fast and I have to wash my hands regularly. I didn’t adapt well to the plasticine moulding. It was the least successful part of my project but I tried to “go around”.

My youtube channel series of making of videos:

I was not that satisfied with the result and I still have to put in a lot of detail. I need to have more patience and working with plasticine takes long.

FMP – Armature Making

Making of the armature

This morning, about Lucy’s lecture on the course magazine I went right up to Simon, the technician, with my balsa pieces to check if he could drill them. (even though he’s only available on Mondays to foundation students). Luckily he said yes and it took in literally one minute do drill all the pieces. I didn’t take my phone to document the drilling but I have the drilled pieces:


I spent the rest of the day building the puppet skeleton. I took pictures and made 2 videos of the process. I intend to make a small compilation of time lapse videos.

At the end, I gummed taped the whole armature. I managed to finish it, which was great. Now I really start to see how my figure will look like.