Thinking of masters!!!

I am aware it is still early to think about masters but it’s also good to be well informed. I have this dream of going to the US for the masters, one in animation..

The only thing I did so far was contact several universities for information about their masters and applications for abroad students and most of them answered me back! I am looking at requirements lists and I have about 2 years to prepare 🙂

Feeling excited


Blog “Wait but why”

I discovered a scientific website a couple of years ago, recommended by a friend and it’s called “Wait but why”. It has a number of posts about many different themes and I often use them as a tool.

When starting to learn sound I discovered that they posted something about “everything you should know about sound”. It is extremely clear and easy to understand. Even if you didn’t study physics at a high level (like me).

In this website I’ve read stuff about AI, Elon Musk, Cryonics, SpaceX, how to organize your life better and even how to read faster! It’s a really interesting site and has real scientific sources.

I would recommend this site to everyone and I’m sure that each one of those people would find something to read according to their interests.

I’m not really trying to sell the website here hehe! I just want to say that people should really check it out and that I often use it and it’s a really useful tool. It also keeps me informed of some of the things that are happening and being tested.

They have rather funny drawings and graphics which makes it a lot easier to read science. No more uncomprehensible scientific language.


Note: To better know what’s going on in the scientific world (and more) there is an app called futurism who posts daily about discoveries and theories. Wait but why just posts every now and then.

Wait but why (link)

Futurism (link to app)


Foundry Workshop

A few days ago, at Católica, my university, I attended a workshop. It was a company called Foundry that has a series of computer programs to do all kinds of 3D visual effects and such. It was the first time I heard about them and I was surprised to know that 3D animation is not using Maya anymore but Nuke, which is their main computer program.

It was a really soft introduction to special effects. we learned what VFX was, we defined compositing and we’ve looked through some of the Nuke’s functions.

Richi Paramo was the man representing Foundry on the workshop. He really made me want to search for every program they have and about animation job positions because I really don’t know everything’s that’s out there!

He also gave us the tip to install Mari and Nuke for free, kind of like a demo and watch several tutorials to start learning how to work with them. One good thing is that it pretty much works like photoshop which is something I’m used to and that’s already an advantage!


Movie “The Danish Girl”

I have absolutely no words about this movie. On this particular movie, I was very much impressed by the main actor’s performance. It was just unbelievable. shortly, it’s about transgender. A “normal” man who later finds out he is trapped in a woman’s body.

His transformation throughout the movie is amazing. And the way he moves and feels like women, it just had a great impact.

When it comes to shot techniques and things like that, I’m afraid I didn’t pay much attention. Maybe because the story and the characters speak for themselves.

My favourite scene is when Einar/Lili (the main character) is watching a prostitute and copying her moves and the scene on the mirror. They’re both really shocking and sad, yet critical.

Here is the one in the mirror

And the other one I couldn’t find it.


Movie “Mommy”

After professor Jaime showed us the trailer for this movie and suggested that we watched it I followed his advice! I’m just starting now to be critic about movies because I guess that’s something I should start thinking about. How things are made the way they are, what they want to express… Techniques and that sort of thing.

Generally, I absolutely loved the movie “Mommy”. I had no expectations whatsoever but the movie is really well made and the plot is really really unexpected. (although not relatable) I especially like the main character’s performance and I think that all 3 main characters are so incredibly complex but in some way, they fit together. The film is realistic and makes the viewer wonder about things and choose sides.

My favourite scenes are the last one and the one where the main characters dance. In the last one, the music chosen fits just perfect and I couldn’t think of a better ending, though I didn’t predict it at all. And the one with the dance just has a great impact on the viewer, at least on me.

The movie is quite special and it’s on 4:3, a square, instead of taking the whole tv screen, and it has a reason..

I’m not going to say more because I recommend everyone to watch it.

Here Is the last scene

Here Is the dance scene

Giving voice to my calligraphy

Professor Pedro gave us a homework that consists of recording your own voice saying “If my calligraphy was my voice, I would sound like this”. We have to look at our notebooks and all and think of the characteristics our letters and give a voice to it.

First I tried to list my letter characteristics:

  • round
  • Regular
  • Readable
  • Precise
  • slightly fat
  • Monotonous
  • slightly slow
  • Big
  • Feminine
  • Organized
  • Letters are really close from one another

After that, I actually imagined my calligraphy like a person…

That person would sound slow, and a bit annoying, smart and like it has always something in her mouth – because she’s fat.

I then went to record the voice…

I had several takes. On the first one, I talked at a normal speed with a “fat lady voice”, which I think it’s appropriate for my calligraphy. After that, I talked slower, which makes sense but then I was sounding like a guy so I slightly changed the pitch. The final record was actually funny and totally according to my letters.

Some screenshots:

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 21.23.53Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 21.25.17Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 21.33.42Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 21.33.52

Unfortunately, I can’t upload the audio on this post.

I really had fun with this homework and I can’t wait for next class. Hopefully, the teacher will explain that there’s actually a technical reason why some voices sound aggressive or sweet or irregular.


LTA – Portuguese Cinema

Since the beginning of the course, teachers talk about the importance of knowing our own directors, movies and writers. By that, I mean Portuguese ones. And that’s when it hit me that I don’t know anything about Portuguese cinema. Only Manuel de Oliveira, and to be honest I never watched any of his movies and two old movies named “Canção de Lisboa” and “Leão de Estrela”. Besides that I know few Portuguese comedy movies, so yes, it is slightly sad.

Of course, I have to put an end to the ignorance of mine towards a subject I should be more than familiarized with. For now, I’ll just try to watch as much as I can because I know I’ll learn a lot with my classes about different styles and methods and only when I have those things learned I’ll be able to recognize them in different movies and evaluate them.

I researched very little so far. But I found a good website that will at least help me know a bit more about what’s out there!

I am also looking for some articles about the subject, which are not easy to find… Can’t wait to see and know more 🙂


Important note: Always remember the name of the producer of the movie