“Um Milagre Todos Os Dias” – Documentary

“Um Milagre Todos Os Dias” – “A miracle everyday” is a documentary directed by a teacher of mine.

I got to participate in this project because my teacher asked if I was able to draw a series of watercolors illustrations on the theme “Childhood”! The documentary itself is about an old people’s home, how it works inside and why that home is so special and different from the other ones. In front of the building where all the kindness happens there is a pine tree that everyone knows. The first thing my teacher asked me was to draw this pine tree because he would like to use it as the movie’s billboard.

This is the real pine tree:


And are mine:

This last one was chosen for the final billboard:


After all the trees, the teacher, which by the way is Henrique Manuel Pereira, asked me to draw some illustration about childhood. He wanted me to draw some toys, dolls, children playing and of course he wanted old toys, the ones the people at this home played with so… I did a little research on pinterest and here it is, go check it out!

After getting some inspiration I started drawing and here are my favorite ones:

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The illustrations were used as the intro of the documentary. The theme childhood was to make a great contrast between the old people and the times that passed already.

Check the intro HERE!!!



Analog Photography

Lately, I’ve been searching about analog photography. I fell in love with it.

After seeing thousands of photos, cameras and rolls I talked with my mom and turns out she had an old analog camera!

This one:


I was so so so happy!

Next step was to actually learn how to use one of these… I’ve looked for the manual online and found the original one! There are a lot of things I still don’t know and honestly, right now, I am just experimenting with the camera. Although I understand that the technical aspects are very important I believe that experimenting has the same value.

After all the (not really) study I bought myself batteries for the camera, which were a lot more expensive than I thought, and a couple of rolls:

I am still on my first roll and don’t take as many pictures as I would with a digital camera because of the photo limit. I try to capture only the really special things through my eyes.

There’s this magic about analog.. You don’t really know what the outcome will look like (unless you’re a really experienced analog photographer) so there is always that surprise and happiness when you develop your roll!

I hope I finish my roll soon and I will surely share it here!

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 22.42.57.png

Water Project

In my module Multimedia Technologies we were assigned a project in which we had to mix 2 different media. The options were:

  • Stop motion animation
  • Illustration on photography
  • Illustration on video
  • 2D animation on video
  • Double exposure

I chose to do illustration on photography.

Initial idea:

I wanted to take pictures of old and abandoned buildings in Porto and restore them in my own way with illustration. I always wanted to do a photography series about the old buildings here and I thought this was my chance.

After talking and getting feedback from my teacher I decided to go on a slightly different way. I thought about street art. How I could still take pictures of abandoned places in the city and illustrate things on the wall so it would like like street art. I’ve looked into a lot of things and searched for the street art in Berlin.

HERE is the link of all my image research on Pinterest.

With the research I made, I realized all the paintings and drawings on the wall, in street art have a really powerful meaning. They point out a problem, they criticize it. They talk about politics, social problems, environmental problems… That’s when I thought that I could make my own critic of a current problem.

After a lot of thought I came to the idea of representing the lack of water and global warming. I researched again about this matter. I was really surprised with a lot of things I found…. Lack of water is already a huge problem in some parts of the world and people refuse to see it…

I started making sketches on the subject. I made a few and then thought about a skeleton – which would represent the awaiting catastrophe and the planet earth – ( where the water would melt away) would represent the lack of time we have to act on this problem.

Unfortunately we did not have a lot of time to develop this project, otherwise there were lot of things I would have done differently.


I took my pictures for this project in Lisbon and since I didn’t have much time they were not so great nor related to the theme.


I think the illustrations came out quite well in terms of graphics…


So here it is:

Some studies, sketches and making of:

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And here are my final pieces:


The third one is my personal favorite!

Enjoy 😉


Thinking of masters!!!

I am aware it is still early to think about masters but it’s also good to be well informed. I have this dream of going to the US for the masters, one in animation..

The only thing I did so far was contact several universities for information about their masters and applications for abroad students and most of them answered me back! I am looking at requirements lists and I have about 2 years to prepare 🙂

Feeling excited

Blog “Wait but why”

I discovered a scientific website a couple of years ago, recommended by a friend and it’s called “Wait but why”. It has a number of posts about many different themes and I often use them as a tool.

When starting to learn sound I discovered that they posted something about “everything you should know about sound”. It is extremely clear and easy to understand. Even if you didn’t study physics at a high level (like me).

In this website I’ve read stuff about AI, Elon Musk, Cryonics, SpaceX, how to organize your life better and even how to read faster! It’s a really interesting site and has real scientific sources.

I would recommend this site to everyone and I’m sure that each one of those people would find something to read according to their interests.

I’m not really trying to sell the website here hehe! I just want to say that people should really check it out and that I often use it and it’s a really useful tool. It also keeps me informed of some of the things that are happening and being tested.

They have rather funny drawings and graphics which makes it a lot easier to read science. No more uncomprehensible scientific language.


Note: To better know what’s going on in the scientific world (and more) there is an app called futurism who posts daily about discoveries and theories. Wait but why just posts every now and then.

Wait but why (link)

Futurism (link to app)


Foundry Workshop

A few days ago, at Católica, my university, I attended a workshop. It was a company called Foundry that has a series of computer programs to do all kinds of 3D visual effects and such. It was the first time I heard about them and I was surprised to know that 3D animation is not using Maya anymore but Nuke, which is their main computer program.

It was a really soft introduction to special effects. we learned what VFX was, we defined compositing and we’ve looked through some of the Nuke’s functions.

Richi Paramo was the man representing Foundry on the workshop. He really made me want to search for every program they have and about animation job positions because I really don’t know everything’s that’s out there!

He also gave us the tip to install Mari and Nuke for free, kind of like a demo and watch several tutorials to start learning how to work with them. One good thing is that it pretty much works like photoshop which is something I’m used to and that’s already an advantage!


Movie “The Danish Girl”

I have absolutely no words about this movie. On this particular movie, I was very much impressed by the main actor’s performance. It was just unbelievable. shortly, it’s about transgender. A “normal” man who later finds out he is trapped in a woman’s body.

His transformation throughout the movie is amazing. And the way he moves and feels like women, it just had a great impact.

When it comes to shot techniques and things like that, I’m afraid I didn’t pay much attention. Maybe because the story and the characters speak for themselves.

My favourite scene is when Einar/Lili (the main character) is watching a prostitute and copying her moves and the scene on the mirror. They’re both really shocking and sad, yet critical.

Here is the one in the mirror

And the other one I couldn’t find it.