Animation Project – Character Design

Before going into the into design research, here are my animation research sheets:

I usually copy some other animation styles and make small notes with arrows to point out what I like the most about that animation.

After this stage, I started researching about character design! Although I already knew a few things, I learned much more! Here are the two most important articles I found:

The Creative Blog – Character Design

I want to be an animator (blog) – Animation Principles

I also, as always, did my research on Pinterest and here are the ones I will use on my next A1 character design sheet:

And here are the artists:

1- Marion Barraud
2- Kris Atomic
3- (Unknown)
4- O menino e o mundo, Alê Abreu
5- Brandon Land
6- Sylvia Han
7-O menino e o mundo, Alê Abreu
😯 menino e o mundo, Alê Abreu
9- I want to be an animator by Chiara
10- Nikolas Ilic

Based on these characters I want to create something simple. Simple and powerful, and that is really hard. I have a lot of sketching and experiments to do now. The physical description of my main character is already written so I have a lot of guidelines but it will still be a big challenge because it is the MAIN CHARACTER, it is the one that will be more time on the screen…

Stay tuned for more!




Animation Project – Story


My animation will be based on a text that my friend wrote!

My writing already started so here you go, have a look and leave some comments:

While doing my writing I am also doing some animation research when it comes to techniques and the actual looks of the animation. The colors, the backgrounds, types of brushes or inks… I do know that it will probably be drawn animation because I don’t want to do stop motion and 3D is not what I am looking for.

After my research, these were the ones I kept:

  1. Vatula – the whirl wind


Colours : Beautiful and dark, Background: Texturized and irregular

2. Miami Hand, Dan Hankinson


I liked the simplicity and the texture of the background.

3. The Head, Dante Zaballa


I was caught up by the watercolor effect on the mountains.

4. Animation tutorial, Vida Vega




This animation includes a really helpful tutorial on how to transform our drawing into an animation – Tutorial

5. Stickboy, Giant Ant


Although I won’t use black and white, I think that the ratio of the animation is really interesting and I might take something from that. I also really liked the type of drawing.

6. O menino e o mundo, Alê Abreu

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.40.02Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.40.20Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.41.41

This is on the top 3 of my favorite animation movies. The animation was hand drawn with crayons (the kids pencil) and I just love how it looks, it is really different and special. This is a great inspiration for me. Now go watch the movie.

Based on this research, I will make a A1 sheet and start with my own sketches, stay tuned!!!

Analog Photography – Self Portrait without body

Last photography class was about different kinds of analog cameras. We looked into different kind of sensors like full frame and middle format.

We based almost all the class in the TLR, the twin lens reflex. This camera:


I was amazed to know how this camera works and it is getting really interesting to discover the technical and mechanical side of photography.

After about 3h of talking about this camera I just asked the teacher if I could borrow his and he said yes! The film was already inside and I have 12 photos, black and white.

Since I do not know a lot about work done with this camera I talked with a friend and he told me some references to research:

  • Vivian Maier
  • Nan Goldin
  • Garry Winogrand
  • Mike Mandel
  • Mark Steinmetz
  • Robert Frank
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson
  • Robert Mapplethorpe
  • William Eggleston
  • Diane Arbus

I went on Pinterest and here you have my photography board:

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 12.28.13.png

The task given at the end of the class was to make self portrait photography without body. This means we have to do self portrait without appearing in the actual pictures.

I still do not know how I will be able to complete this task but for now I am happy that I get to experiment with a new camera!

Stay tuned 🙂


“Um Milagre Todos Os Dias” – Documentary

“Um Milagre Todos Os Dias” – “A miracle everyday” is a documentary directed by a teacher of mine.

I got to participate in this project because my teacher asked if I was able to draw a series of watercolors illustrations on the theme “Childhood”! The documentary itself is about an old people’s home, how it works inside and why that home is so special and different from the other ones. In front of the building where all the kindness happens there is a pine tree that everyone knows. The first thing my teacher asked me was to draw this pine tree because he would like to use it as the movie’s billboard.

This is the real pine tree:


And are mine:

This last one was chosen for the final billboard:


After all the trees, the teacher, which by the way is Henrique Manuel Pereira, asked me to draw some illustration about childhood. He wanted me to draw some toys, dolls, children playing and of course he wanted old toys, the ones the people at this home played with so… I did a little research on pinterest and here it is, go check it out!

After getting some inspiration I started drawing and here are my favorite ones:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The illustrations were used as the intro of the documentary. The theme childhood was to make a great contrast between the old people and the times that passed already.

Check the intro HERE!!!


Analog Photography

Lately, I’ve been searching about analog photography. I fell in love with it.

After seeing thousands of photos, cameras and rolls I talked with my mom and turns out she had an old analog camera!

This one:


I was so so so happy!

Next step was to actually learn how to use one of these… I’ve looked for the manual online and found the original one! There are a lot of things I still don’t know and honestly, right now, I am just experimenting with the camera. Although I understand that the technical aspects are very important I believe that experimenting has the same value.

After all the (not really) study I bought myself batteries for the camera, which were a lot more expensive than I thought, and a couple of rolls:

I am still on my first roll and don’t take as many pictures as I would with a digital camera because of the photo limit. I try to capture only the really special things through my eyes.

There’s this magic about analog.. You don’t really know what the outcome will look like (unless you’re a really experienced analog photographer) so there is always that surprise and happiness when you develop your roll!

I hope I finish my roll soon and I will surely share it here!

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 22.42.57.png

Water Project

In my module Multimedia Technologies we were assigned a project in which we had to mix 2 different media. The options were:

  • Stop motion animation
  • Illustration on photography
  • Illustration on video
  • 2D animation on video
  • Double exposure

I chose to do illustration on photography.

Initial idea:

I wanted to take pictures of old and abandoned buildings in Porto and restore them in my own way with illustration. I always wanted to do a photography series about the old buildings here and I thought this was my chance.

After talking and getting feedback from my teacher I decided to go on a slightly different way. I thought about street art. How I could still take pictures of abandoned places in the city and illustrate things on the wall so it would like like street art. I’ve looked into a lot of things and searched for the street art in Berlin.

HERE is the link of all my image research on Pinterest.

With the research I made, I realized all the paintings and drawings on the wall, in street art have a really powerful meaning. They point out a problem, they criticize it. They talk about politics, social problems, environmental problems… That’s when I thought that I could make my own critic of a current problem.

After a lot of thought I came to the idea of representing the lack of water and global warming. I researched again about this matter. I was really surprised with a lot of things I found…. Lack of water is already a huge problem in some parts of the world and people refuse to see it…

I started making sketches on the subject. I made a few and then thought about a skeleton – which would represent the awaiting catastrophe and the planet earth – ( where the water would melt away) would represent the lack of time we have to act on this problem.

Unfortunately we did not have a lot of time to develop this project, otherwise there were lot of things I would have done differently.


I took my pictures for this project in Lisbon and since I didn’t have much time they were not so great nor related to the theme.


I think the illustrations came out quite well in terms of graphics…


So here it is:

Some studies, sketches and making of:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here are my final pieces:


The third one is my personal favorite!

Enjoy 😉


Thinking of masters!!!

I am aware it is still early to think about masters but it’s also good to be well informed. I have this dream of going to the US for the masters, one in animation..

The only thing I did so far was contact several universities for information about their masters and applications for abroad students and most of them answered me back! I am looking at requirements lists and I have about 2 years to prepare 🙂

Feeling excited