There is a contest in Portugal in which everyone can participate and all you have to do is fill their model of a Sardinha (a fish) and fill it and paint it as you like.

The whole concept is to help saving the fishes and the winner has a prize money! I read the rules, checked the dates and decided to give it a try.

This is the model:

sardinha modelo copy.jpg

I made some small studies on my sketchbook and then began drawing them on my computer:


The more or less final ones:


The first one is a collage of pictures of old potato bags. I chose this theme simply because it reminded me a lot of my childhood and the games and races we used to do at school with potato bags.

The second one is a surf board drawn my be. I don’t think it’s finished because it could still have more detail but what you see is the general idea. Surf is one thing I think defines Portugal for me. Not so much about the sport but the ocean, the sun, the beach and the summer weather.


Unfortunately, as I did not finish these on time I didn’t send them to the contest on time. I was an opportunity lost. Hopefully I’ll be more organize next time to have my proposals ready on time.

By the way… After I drew my surfboard I found out that someone had had the same idea a year before and this is his Sardinha:






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