FMP – Initial bird studies

First stages of my final major project


Today I did an A1 sheet of sketches and observational drawings of sparrows

I am studying the bird’s form and colour. For now it is going really well since I managed to get the bird’s form really fast. I still have to work on understanding the colour and the shape of the feathers but for an initial study it went quite well and the sheet looks balanced so that’s a positive. In general I am delayed on my project but I am doing the possible to compensate lost time. 

I am also looking at bird animations and cartoon in order to observe how animators made birds have human expressions and movements. 

.  I will mount a sheet of these cartoon studies.

Next stage is:

  • to mount more sheets with the sketches I have of birds from when I went to a natural park in Portugal and when I went to the natural history museum. 
  • Study how human hands and wings relate 
  • Mount a sheet with the cartoon research 
  • And start doing some character design sketches of the body of the sparrow 

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