Eden A-Z, GIF and Alphabet

Induction Project


In the very beginning, the second project of foundation project at the Eden project the task was to:

  • Draw A to Z plants
  • Photographs from A to Z (plants as well)
  • Take the photographs and make them in to an animated Gif


The drawings were the first to be complete and they are in my sketchbook. The photographs were quick as well and it was interesting how I had to explore the whole Eden Project space to find the alphabet in nature. However, turning the photographs into a Gif was the task that took the longest, that’s why this post is so late. It was the longest but not the hardest due to Claire’s help and the instructions on the brief. I quickly managed to create the Gif and save it. Here it is:



And here is my A-Z printed photographs into A1 sheets (one in colors and one in B&W)

bYfGbdXwZw4Kq_aAdUSSUBd_fUm6ZzqhdspBxO4tbYjrAcJUpHm8G9435SgPyaqp_23aOcRWEva1bT9AySlToCgUvfqOIcJfpxadSB6gSb1BXUMCEDebi0_O222x9kb_SqHaUzA76QDnGOHderavv3s9apyI9XlxPWDUVpd3j8rEnqVeASr4GdUZw3gWMVy-GAuyOGD0WuIYDWN-8bbqAfFv7zBBf_C3M.jpg  FEbkgInvK2x7YHBs4rd2OB8BokFrlziu9geLV02-mXF4JOHbuyWp-b213mwons_sFaYVf7EcQTEpsVG3IsQE8CpdSxJoQgc2RFqJMyFCjp1fKDEBH65psNYLkzFPQbu4lYYVy3Hfc3KHKTTxApy3rEGAhEJOLtRwOCIOKJ0VvuwMEQaLPk-LudK4oFghw9MKWOJoThjIwEo99EUizk6r6sR2a8Yjx1X_e.jpg

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