3D Glass

Project 2, Glass research


Glass research:

For this research Helen gave us a few artists to look at and that’s what I did first. After that I looked for some other artists and I found really impressible glass made structures/pieces.


  • Amanda Brisbane
  • Christine Wood
  • Dale Chihuly
  • Hiromi Masuda
  • Matsuya Ginza Babaghuri
  • Niyoko Ikuta
  • Robert Mickelson
  • Sally Prash
  • Satoshi Tomizu
  • Wendy Newhofer

We were told to make an A1 sheet with printed images of research and some sketches to specify what we liked about the image we pasted. However it had to be strictly visual with no text whatsoever. (Only to reference the artists). As I found so many artists and pieces that I liked I thought it would be easy to come up with a nice A1 sheet but as I got to organize my ideas and printed images I had some difficulties making it look visually pleasant.

Here is my final glass research sheet:



It’s true I could have researched deeper into the artists ad some more information about them lies on my personal journal but my time management was not perfect so I focused on the pieces I liked the most and tried to figure the reason why. Then I developed some small ideas and tried some new colors and shapes I hadn’t before. It is not m best sheet as I am not tremendously proud of it but it has it’s interesting aspects. (Such as the hands I drew)

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