3D Ceramics

Project 2, Research Ceramic Artists



As I got comfortable with A1 sheets I decided to make my ceramic research in one. We were told we had to make it as visual as possible therefore, no text. I collected the images of ceramic work that got my attention and information about the artists that made them. I started my sheet! Began pasting the photos I had printed from the artists to make the sheet as interesting as possible. I looked at the colours, shapes, tones, techniques.. What called my attention at first was the range of colours, blues, greens, purples and how well they worked together. I printed some pictures that I ended up not using so here’s the list of artists on my sheet and the reason why they are there:

  • Christopher Dean – He used a map in one of his pots, at least that is how I interpret it, it looks like an old map due to his colour use ( mainly tonalities of brown and yellow). It’s really interesting how he represents it on the pot
  • Kate Malone – Her art pieces are colour explosions and their detail seems almost unbelieble to human hands.
  • Clare Twoney
  • Gordon Baldwin
  • Margaret O’Rorke – Her lamp collection amazes me by it’s beautiful shapes. They are so delicate and simple porcelan pieces but extremely complex as well.
  • Elspeth Owen – Perfectly unperfect pots with a range of blue tons that remind me of the sea, which means a lot to me because it reminds me of home.
  • Adam Buick – His collection of tiny jars is pretty simple but the patterns used on them are simply amazing to me.

After this research I started drawing the elements that made me print the pictures I did and this was the final sheet (without the artists names, I added them later):





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