There is a contest in Portugal in which everyone can participate and all you have to do is fill their model of a Sardinha (a fish) and fill it and paint it as you like.

The whole concept is to help saving the fishes and the winner has a prize money! I read the rules, checked the dates and decided to give it a try.

This is the model:

sardinha modelo copy.jpg

I made some small studies on my sketchbook and then began drawing them on my computer:


The more or less final ones:


The first one is a collage of pictures of old potato bags. I chose this theme simply because it reminded me a lot of my childhood and the games and races we used to do at school with potato bags.

The second one is a surf board drawn my be. I don’t think it’s finished because it could still have more detail but what you see is the general idea. Surf is one thing I think defines Portugal for me. Not so much about the sport but the ocean, the sun, the beach and the summer weather.


Unfortunately, as I did not finish these on time I didn’t send them to the contest on time. I was an opportunity lost. Hopefully I’ll be more organize next time to have my proposals ready on time.

By the way… After I drew my surfboard I found out that someone had had the same idea a year before and this is his Sardinha:






Analog Photography

Lately, I’ve been searching about analog photography. I fell in love with it.

After seeing thousands of photos, cameras and rolls I talked with my mom and turns out she had an old analog camera!

This one:


I was so so so happy!

Next step was to actually learn how to use one of these… I’ve looked for the manual online and found the original one! There are a lot of things I still don’t know and honestly, right now, I am just experimenting with the camera. Although I understand that the technical aspects are very important I believe that experimenting has the same value.

After all the (not really) study I bought myself batteries for the camera, which were a lot more expensive than I thought, and a couple of rolls:

I am still on my first roll and don’t take as many pictures as I would with a digital camera because of the photo limit. I try to capture only the really special things through my eyes.

There’s this magic about analog.. You don’t really know what the outcome will look like (unless you’re a really experienced analog photographer) so there is always that surprise and happiness when you develop your roll!

I hope I finish my roll soon and I will surely share it here!

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 22.42.57.png

Water Project

In my module Multimedia Technologies we were assigned a project in which we had to mix 2 different media. The options were:

  • Stop motion animation
  • Illustration on photography
  • Illustration on video
  • 2D animation on video
  • Double exposure

I chose to do illustration on photography.

Initial idea:

I wanted to take pictures of old and abandoned buildings in Porto and restore them in my own way with illustration. I always wanted to do a photography series about the old buildings here and I thought this was my chance.

After talking and getting feedback from my teacher I decided to go on a slightly different way. I thought about street art. How I could still take pictures of abandoned places in the city and illustrate things on the wall so it would like like street art. I’ve looked into a lot of things and searched for the street art in Berlin.

HERE is the link of all my image research on Pinterest.

With the research I made, I realized all the paintings and drawings on the wall, in street art have a really powerful meaning. They point out a problem, they criticize it. They talk about politics, social problems, environmental problems… That’s when I thought that I could make my own critic of a current problem.

After a lot of thought I came to the idea of representing the lack of water and global warming. I researched again about this matter. I was really surprised with a lot of things I found…. Lack of water is already a huge problem in some parts of the world and people refuse to see it…

I started making sketches on the subject. I made a few and then thought about a skeleton – which would represent the awaiting catastrophe and the planet earth – ( where the water would melt away) would represent the lack of time we have to act on this problem.

Unfortunately we did not have a lot of time to develop this project, otherwise there were lot of things I would have done differently.


I took my pictures for this project in Lisbon and since I didn’t have much time they were not so great nor related to the theme.


I think the illustrations came out quite well in terms of graphics…


So here it is:

Some studies, sketches and making of:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here are my final pieces:


The third one is my personal favorite!

Enjoy 😉


Learning Maya

A few weeks ago I started learning Maya in my class of Multimedia Technologies. We were taught the basics: how to create solids ( cubes, spheres, pyramids ) and how to color them. Maya has few examples of models. It has human and animal models as well as some objects.

I played a bit with it and found a lizard! I tried to create a home for him buuut…… Didn’t come out as I thought it would.

It was a one hour class so the teacher couldn’t cover much of the program. However, he told us there is a free version of Maya that we can download. I didn’t do it yet but I long to install it and start learning. It can become a really useful tool.

And here’s my lizard:

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 10.47.30Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 10.47.52


Note: He is a giant lizard. He is actually really friendly but humans are scared. They are scared of what they can’t understand so the president sends war planes to kill the lizard but they fail. The end.

Animating Documentary II

Before I start my post I just wanted to state that I have been reeeeaaally lazy on my blog pots…

So, I continue working with the producer for the documentary I mentioned a couple of posts ago. Sometimes it gets really hard because I am animating scenes where I can’t draw. I have to pick up pieces of drawings and make them move.. Given that, there are pros and cons of course.


  • The animation ends up being jerky
  • It’s hard to smooth with any brush because the texture of the drawing itself is really difficult to get
  • Everything looks the same all the time. What I do is just move pieces around


  • I don’t have to draw anything! I know I said it was hard like that but actually it makes easier between the client and the worker. Since I won’t be changing the drawings, the client always knows what to expect. It is really hard to not like the animators style if he’s not drawing.
  • There are times where a lot of graphic problems come up and it feels good to find a smart solution that works both visually and technically!
  • I am learning a different way of animating which is great.

I am also learning that dealing with “bosses” is not always pleasant. Especially when they take weeks to get feedback but then want things done urgently. It’s a part of the professional world and I am really glad I’m having a small little sense of it already.

Today I just finished animating a manatee swiming. Here’s a screenshot of the little guy:

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 17.25.35 (2).png

Stay tuned 😉


I decided to go on Erasmus!!!

My university has a lot of partnerships with a lot of countries and usually, they always fund the Erasmus. I took this great opportunity to travel abroad and applied!

The university I chose is called University of Tecnology in Brno, Check Republic. Here is a small video of how it looks.

I still don’t have the answer but I can’t wait to study abroad and I am sure it will be another great experience. Personally and academically.

I’ll updated you as soon as I have more information!



DHL – Valentines Promotional Video

I got a small job as a camera man for a promotional video for DHL!!!

DHL is a transporting company and they recently created a partnership with a condom company. On the valentines day (today) they decided to have 2 cupids handing out condoms and wishing a happy valentine’s day in name of DHL.

The cupids:

My brother and his girlfriend

First time I worked with the camera like that.. We even had a script!

There was another camera man who was more experienced than I am (not hard, honestly) so I followed his advice.

We spend about 3/4h in the streets of Porto filming the cupids giving out condoms to people, mainly couples. It was really fun! I didn’t get to review my footage since I had to give the camera right after the event. Since I am not the one doing the editing I’ll only see the video when it’s done, which is this Friday!

In generally it went well but I had some troubles with the focus on the camera. I don’t know why I can never work with the automatic focus. I hope the production people like most of my footage…. We’ll see!

I’ll post the video here once it’s ready!