Animation Project – Character Design II

After a meeting with my teacher, we decided that made sense for me to look more into Czech illustrators and animators. I wanted to find a way to reference Czech Republic in my animation and finding inspiration by its artists is great way to start.

From the long list of artist I’ve looked into a few here were my favorites:

  • Jiri Trnka
  • Miroslav Šašek
  • Propaganda and commercials
  • František Skála
  • Květa Pacovská
  • Artus Scheiner
  • Illustration by Jan Šrámek & Veronika Vlková
  • Michal Bacák
  • Karel Zeman

From this list, my best inspirations so far are the two artists in bold: Jiri Trnka and  Květa Pacovská.

I did some sketching and I tried to do this exercise where I turn my character into the style of the other artists… and here are the results:


I really like the characters from Pacovska so I didn’t change them at all… instead, I tried to animate one, and this is the result:


Still working on characters but I like where this is going…!



Animation Project – Character Design

Before going into the into design research, here are my animation research sheets:

I usually copy some other animation styles and make small notes with arrows to point out what I like the most about that animation.

After this stage, I started researching about character design! Although I already knew a few things, I learned much more! Here are the two most important articles I found:

The Creative Blog – Character Design

I want to be an animator (blog) – Animation Principles

I also, as always, did my research on Pinterest and here are the ones I will use on my next A1 character design sheet:

And here are the artists:

1- Marion Barraud
2- Kris Atomic
3- (Unknown)
4- O menino e o mundo, Alê Abreu
5- Brandon Land
6- Sylvia Han
7-O menino e o mundo, Alê Abreu
😯 menino e o mundo, Alê Abreu
9- I want to be an animator by Chiara
10- Nikolas Ilic

Based on these characters I want to create something simple. Simple and powerful, and that is really hard. I have a lot of sketching and experiments to do now. The physical description of my main character is already written so I have a lot of guidelines but it will still be a big challenge because it is the MAIN CHARACTER, it is the one that will be more time on the screen…

Stay tuned for more!



Animation Project – Story


My animation will be based on a text that my friend wrote!

My writing already started so here you go, have a look and leave some comments:

While doing my writing I am also doing some animation research when it comes to techniques and the actual looks of the animation. The colors, the backgrounds, types of brushes or inks… I do know that it will probably be drawn animation because I don’t want to do stop motion and 3D is not what I am looking for.

After my research, these were the ones I kept:

  1. Vatula – the whirl wind


Colours : Beautiful and dark, Background: Texturized and irregular

2. Miami Hand, Dan Hankinson


I liked the simplicity and the texture of the background.

3. The Head, Dante Zaballa


I was caught up by the watercolor effect on the mountains.

4. Animation tutorial, Vida Vega




This animation includes a really helpful tutorial on how to transform our drawing into an animation – Tutorial

5. Stickboy, Giant Ant


Although I won’t use black and white, I think that the ratio of the animation is really interesting and I might take something from that. I also really liked the type of drawing.

6. O menino e o mundo, Alê Abreu

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.40.02Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.40.20Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.41.41

This is on the top 3 of my favorite animation movies. The animation was hand drawn with crayons (the kids pencil) and I just love how it looks, it is really different and special. This is a great inspiration for me. Now go watch the movie.

Based on this research, I will make a A1 sheet and start with my own sketches, stay tuned!!!

Animation Project – Planning

I decided to continue studying at FAVU (Brno) until the end of the year! This fact made it easier for me to choose bigger projects and I am really really excited!

I discussed with my teacher about what I wanted to do. I mentioned I wanted to do an animation and he accepted! Now I started an animation project, which will be a short-movie. My teacher will guide me throughout the process and let’s just say that I have a loooot of work to do!



In this phase I had to plan my project and research about how to do it. I took a script and creative writing class last year which made me learn a lot about writing and thinking about the story. However I did not learn about the other parts of a movie. Luckily, I found the perfect blog with all this information!

Here you have the link for it!

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 14.45.09.png

It is written by Inglis Thorburn, the mind behind “Minty cool, Minty cool”, a short animation series. This post helped me with my animation’s plan:

  1. Development
  2. Pre-Production
  3. Production
  4. Post-Production

I use an app, daily, to help me with all my tasks, including the personal ones. The app is called Todoist and inside I’ve put all the tasks for this project:

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 14.54.42.png

It looks like this now! (Above)

This really helps me see the overview of my day before I start!

I used another reference to plan my project. As you know (or should know), I made a final major project 2 years ago at Oxford Brookes University. There they gave a really complete document about what I had to do for my project. I took this document, made some changes and came up with a material list I want to have by the end of the project and a weekly plan for this first part of the project. Here they are:



Right now I am on schedule but we’ll see how long it lasts….

Stay tuned! Next post will be about my animation’s story!





Analog Photography – Self Portrait without body

Last photography class was about different kinds of analog cameras. We looked into different kind of sensors like full frame and middle format.

We based almost all the class in the TLR, the twin lens reflex. This camera:


I was amazed to know how this camera works and it is getting really interesting to discover the technical and mechanical side of photography.

After about 3h of talking about this camera I just asked the teacher if I could borrow his and he said yes! The film was already inside and I have 12 photos, black and white.

Since I do not know a lot about work done with this camera I talked with a friend and he told me some references to research:

  • Vivian Maier
  • Nan Goldin
  • Garry Winogrand
  • Mike Mandel
  • Mark Steinmetz
  • Robert Frank
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson
  • Robert Mapplethorpe
  • William Eggleston
  • Diane Arbus

I went on Pinterest and here you have my photography board:

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 12.28.13.png

The task given at the end of the class was to make self portrait photography without body. This means we have to do self portrait without appearing in the actual pictures.

I still do not know how I will be able to complete this task but for now I am happy that I get to experiment with a new camera!

Stay tuned 🙂


Business Cards – Graphic Design

Two months ago I was asked to make some business cards from a friend. I am not a graphical designer but I accepted!

The old business card looked like this:


Since my friend changed companies, he wanted something fresher. He also asked me to include 2 logos in the business card. One is the main company logo, and the other is the logo of the software that he sells.

Like always, before doing something, I researched and tried to find some inspirations but it didn’t really go well. I guess a business card is something really personal so I kind of just went with my gut.

Some of my first ideas:


My friend wanted something more serious so we created these:


After this selection, the chosen one was this one:


Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 18.27.52Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 18.28.00



To be honest, these gave me a lot of work. Specially because I had to learn a lot of photoshop features that I did not know.

Of course that working for a person rather than yourself can also be hard but I got used to it…

This was another project that helped me develop my skills both with people and with photoshop!

Life Drawing – Erasmus

Last week I found out that there are life drawing lessons at my university.

I asked the department right away if I could attend classes and since I do not need the credits, I can go even twice a week!

This made me really happy because life drawing is crucial, no matter in what visual arts area you are. Observational drawing is hard and must be practiced. So… I went on my first class and the experience was amazing!

First of all, the atmosphere in the room and its decoration is great for inspiration:

There were 3 model and you had to draw to one you were closer to.

Here they seated while a strong light was on them so the contrasts are great. One of life drawing’s difficulties is to understand light – very important:


The class took it’s normal course:

  • Prepare paper and stick it into canvas with masking tape.
  • Prepare drawing material.
  • Position the weasel according to our dominant hand (my case, the left) and height.
  • Draw for 3 hours (2 breaks)
  • Once the time is over, fixate our drawing with the spray.
  • Put everything back in place.

I was a little scared because it has been a while since I did life drawing… The lesson itself was good and the teacher was really helpful and welcoming. Though I am not exactly proud of my work, here it is:

I am really happy that I can attend these classes and I will surely get better!

(I hope……………)