Ars Electronica Festival – Talk

A few days ago I attended a lecture given by Gerfried Stocker, the artistic director of the Ars Electronica Festival. It was the first time I heard about the festival. The lecturer defined it as the festival of art, technology and society.

They are working on several projects but their main concern is a connected technology with the human body. The scientists do the technical things and the artists think how the human body responds to certain things, how humans can actually talk and communicate with machines. It is also a psychological study on machine usage.

The lecture was really interesting and though we didn’t look into any of their projects in depth, it got my attention. I’ve already looked and the next festival will be on the 6th sept.

At the end, we had the questions part. A lot of people mentioned and wondered about the ethical question about AI (artificial intelligence) and since I read a lot about that it was really really interesting.

After the talk I asked him a question directly which was:

” In a hypothetical world where all our brains are virtually connected and we can talk and exchange information with several people at the same time, where physical relationships no longer exist, where we don’t waste time cooking, going shopping, changing our babies diapers because there is someone or something that does that for us, where there is no traffic because all cars are connected, where mortality has been proven as a disease and has a cure… Is that the ideal world we are looking for? Is that the highest we could evolve? And if so, is humanity ready for all that?”

He answered me and we were still talking for a while but the most important things I got from his answer was that humans beings as we know them will change, definitely, which I completely agree. He also mentioned this thought that humans have that there is always something bigger, either it’s a god or a major force. And by that thought, the evolution moves towards a human who’s no longer human but a god itself.

Note: During the lecture, Gerfired also mentioned that scientists will become the new presidents and artists will become the new scientists. I just loved that statement!

Ars Electronica Festival ( Their official website )



Thinking of masters!!!

I am aware it is still early to think about masters but it’s also good to be well informed. I have this dream of going to the US for the masters, one in animation..

The only thing I did so far was contact several universities for information about their masters and applications for abroad students and most of them answered me back! I am looking at requirements lists and I have about 2 years to prepare 🙂

Feeling excited

Creative Writing – Final work

For my final project of creative writing I was assigned to write a 5 to 7 pages long story. The requirements were:

  • At least one or two characters
  • It had to have a narrator and the dialogue was up to us
  • It had to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. (The end could be “opened”, wihtou a specific closure)
  • The theme was completely free

I came up with several ideas right away but I notice I gained some difficulty writing in portuguese, which made me really sad because I loved to write. Since my last year in england, my portuguese got a lot worse…

After 2 drafts of 2 completely different stories I spoke with the teacher that told me they were too complex andconfusing. He told me that I had to come up with something simple, that didn’t have to tave a deep message.

Since I had really few classes of this subject it was impossible to sit again with the teacher and talk about my story.

I ended up writing about a family trip of a girl that’s on a wheelchair. I describe all the situations and points of view of someone who’s on a wheelchair on a rather funny way. At the end, I make a small note to the reader that basically say that though I am describing it with humor, there’s a lot of people who aren’t lucky enough to live and move without a wheelchair.


I am not especifically proud of the story I wrote. I think I could have done something much much better and due to lack of time and organization I didn’t. Being better organized is something I have to get better at and if I write a little something everyday (in portuguese) it will gradually help my writing… I guess.


For the work presentation, the teacher said that we had to tell our story in a creative way, not just tell it. I decided to make some illustrations of my story!

My story’s space is in Rome and since the main character is on a wheelchair, I illustrated some turistic landscapes of Rome. For the same turistic place I have 2 illustrations, one in colour, that represents what people that are sanding see and the other one, in black and white to show what the main character was seeing at that time.

Here they are:


I’ve had fun making these and I think it was a pretty funny idea, so for that I am proud!

This half of the module is over and we’ll now learn how to write a script for our story 🙂

Blog “Wait but why”

I discovered a scientific website a couple of years ago, recommended by a friend and it’s called “Wait but why”. It has a number of posts about many different themes and I often use them as a tool.

When starting to learn sound I discovered that they posted something about “everything you should know about sound”. It is extremely clear and easy to understand. Even if you didn’t study physics at a high level (like me).

In this website I’ve read stuff about AI, Elon Musk, Cryonics, SpaceX, how to organize your life better and even how to read faster! It’s a really interesting site and has real scientific sources.

I would recommend this site to everyone and I’m sure that each one of those people would find something to read according to their interests.

I’m not really trying to sell the website here hehe! I just want to say that people should really check it out and that I often use it and it’s a really useful tool. It also keeps me informed of some of the things that are happening and being tested.

They have rather funny drawings and graphics which makes it a lot easier to read science. No more uncomprehensible scientific language.


Note: To better know what’s going on in the scientific world (and more) there is an app called futurism who posts daily about discoveries and theories. Wait but why just posts every now and then.

Wait but why (link)

Futurism (link to app)


Working on a Masters Animation project

A colleague of mine, Francisco Dias, talked with our drawing teacher, Sahra Kunz, who suggested that he offered to help on a masters animation project. Franciso told me about it and I obviously wanted to come along.

We first met with the people of the project while they were working so it was a bit strange because they were not expecting us. Later on, they contacted us and called us for a portfolio review.

On the review day we’ve met them and surprisingly it was more like a selection interview and not a review! Francisco went first and then me. To be honest I was quite scared when I entered the room. There were the 4 people of the project sitting looking at me, just looking, not saying a word. I eventually broke the silence and asked them if they wanted to see my work. That was the easy part, showing my work. After that they asked me how I would like to help and what kind of things I’m interested in, the programs I master and the commitment I was willing to give.

In the end of the interview, they said they would discuss “my case” and that they would find a way to test me… I’m not quite sure if I should be scared!!!

Meanwhile, they asked for my CV and I had to make one in 5 minutes because it was urgent.. This is an opportunity to make a real CV that I can use in the future.

I am still not sure what to expect from this project but I’m excited because it’s animation 🙂

Stay tuned!


Book Interview!

The interview I made a couple of weeks is out! You can find it here !!!

There is also a book trailer on youtube here!

It’s been an amazing experience going through all the process of the launcing of the book. It is still unbelievable how everything happened… I am just writting this post to have a proof of how I am feeling right now.

I am aware that my work is far away form being perfect but right now I’m focused on how this project made me grow artistically and as a person!

Note: The book’s official launching was on the 18th of November and I was out of Portugal and therefore couldn’t make it.


LTAV Final Work

This year, for the first semester I have a module called “LTAV” which means Linguagens e Tecnologias Audiovisuais. It’s where I learn about camera angles and settings and video formats in the first part and the second part of the module it’s about audio.

For the practical work on the first of the module, the project was to make a small film of our own street. We had to capture at least 15 different angles and have 2 tilts and 2 panoramic movements with the camera. The sound had to be the one recorded by the camera.

First time I went with my camera it went terribly wrong. I wanted to film at night and as my camera is not at all good enough for that, the image was really grainy and the ISO was definitely too high.

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 12.03.50Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 12.04.31

After the first try, I decided that maybe I would film during the day. That worked out fine but it was not really what I wanted. I went to get a camera from the university and tried again in the night. This time it worked really well! When I got home I was really happy with my footage. Of course that this camera was 10x better so that helped.


Of course, the outcome got much much darker but the quality increased.

There were a couple of interesting things that happened during the shooting. When I was filming the elevator, the light turned off and I was actually annoyed by that but still kept filming and then I see how the light of the elevator appeared and the effect was great!!! Also with the noises of the movie, there was a cat screaming or crying and it was really creepy and scary. I filmed it and put it in the movie but most people that have seen it ask me if it’s real… It is real, people!!! The police and ambulance noises were also there, I guess I just got pretty lucky with those because actually, my film was kind of a thriller. I took a friend with that really helped me. He was the “man in the shadow”. Throughout the whole movie, you almost don’t see his face, just his silhouette.

Later it came the editing. I used iMovie because I still don’t have premiere. For this project it worked but I know I have to install premiere and start working on it. I tried to place the different footage in order to make a small narrative. It doesn’t really have a great meaning but the goal of the project was only to film the street. First I put them in the order I thought it worked the best, then, of course, I made some changes. I worked with the sound to make it work as a whole. In some parts I lowered the volume, in others I put it up according to the feeling I wanted people to have while watching the movie.

In the end and beginning added some text and thank you notes.

I was very pleased with the final movie. It was another project that helped me learn a lot about cameras and movies since it was my first film, the first time I was actually shooting something with a camera. Editing was fun and made me realize the number of possibilities that a producer has when making a movie. Of course, this was the first experience and I know that it’s far from being professional but I am looking forward to learning more and get better!

Meanwhile, I will find a way to share my movie.

Stay tuned!!!