Instagram – Photography account

Since I am in the course, I have been trying to experiment more with cameras, wether it’s video or photography. Given that fact, I decided to create a new Instagram account linked with the one I already have (giirart).

Meanwhile I called my aunt to ask wether it was better to create a new one to post just that kind of media or if I should separate it from the original Instagram account… We both agreed that I should separate and then, if needed, combine the two.

Here is the account

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 10.50.19.png

I still don’t have much material to post but I’m sure I will! I also discussed with my aunt that I have to come up with a logo to mark my work. Otherwise people can just save my pictures and call it their own!

Stay tuned… 🙂


Han Zimmer online classes

Han Zimmer’s Masterclass

Han Zimmer is a really known composer of movie soundtracks. He made the music for several films such as Inception, Interstellar, Sherlock Holmes… And by that, we can surely assume he is the top of the top! There’s now a paid masterclass available where he explains what and how we should think when composing something.

Luckily, my Dad offered me this masterclass which I am taking little by litle and it’s just great! I am learning from Han Zimmer!!!

Hopefully, these classes will help me on the piano (I play the piano) and also when it comes to composing. Let’s say I never even tried to compose yet… I am aware this is a great tool I can use and who knows I’ll be doing the soundtrack for my own animations!

Here’s a screenshot of the class:

Has he’s in front of the computer at all times, he can come up with quick examples of what he just said!

I still didn’t finish the Masterclass but there is no reason to be stressed about it!

Photography and photoshop

Some photography experiments

A few days ago I visited the Ribeira, in Porto. I decided to take my digital camera to experiment. (The one my mom lent me). I tried to focus on one theme – buildings. I didn’t take a lot of pictures due to lack of time but I still had fun with it.

Once I got home I uploaded the pictures on my computer and started working on them. I don’t know if being a good photographer means not having to edit your pictures at all but I usually do. I took this chance and decided to play a bit with photoshop. I took only 3 pictures and edited them. They’re all buildings.

Here they are: (after editing)


I am happy with the outcome! I am sure I will get better.

The picture I played with the most was the middle one. I altered the levels of some colours, I’ve changed the background..It took me a while! I’ll show you the original one for you to compare:



At the end, I’m not sure which one I prefer since the original one is much more natural. Oh well…

More experiments will come and I still have a lot to learn!

Creative Writing Classes

A sum up of creative writing classes

This is a subject I’m also really enjoying. 3 years ago I used to write often. I even had small books to write my thoughts and such. After taking this class I went to look for it and luckily found it!

I read some of the texts I wrote at the time and I really liked my writing! However, what I write is not me anymore either because I don’t feel the same way about some things and people or because I grew.

The teacher says that the best writing is the one that really comes from deep inside us and that that’s not something easy to do. He also says he’s not expecting to share our darkest fears and secrets with him but that we have to learn to put those into our own writing. So, with all of this starts a whole process of getting to know me and be honest, which is not always easy!

Another of the teacher’s advice was for us to read, even if it’s a really short text, every day. That in order to be able to be bold in our writing that we have to read and be motivated to read! We always have to take a quote from somewhere to read in the class, which is a good method of making people read.

I already made 2 texts for the class though I didn’t post about it. The first one was an autobiography with no rules whatsoever, completely free! I really like this “forget whatever you learned in high school” kind of attitude. I believe I did a good job but we’ll see…

The second text was about dreams. We had to take one dream we had, even if it was really short and turn it into a story. Again, without rules! The teacher recommended looked for dreaming symbols and that’s what I did! All the research is on my notebook. I ended up writing about a nightmare I had when I was really small.

After doing this text, as the teacher suggested, I made a dream journal that I have next to my bed at all times so I can write whatever I remember from my dreams. Apparently it’s a great font of ideas!

NOTE: once reading a book, try to notice what the author is doing, his methods and choice of  words.


Fundamentals of Sound classes

An overall of the course and Sound

For someone who had some expectations about this course, I still get surprised every day. In general, the course is even better than I thought would be. I realize it opens me so many doors… I just have to be careful not to get lost between them!

My classmates are the nicest people. Always ready to help, share and discuss and that’s crucial because I’ll probably stay in touch with these people and work with them. It’s funny because it looks like I’m just getting used to how nice and welcoming people are in Porto.

About the Sound classes, in particular, I am just loving to learn the science part of music. How octaves work and tones. I already know most of the things but just because I studied piano and it happened already twice that my brain clicks when there’s some explanation about notes or something because it’s a different explanation for the same things but it helps me understand it through another perspective.

I also like the rhythm we’re taking things. The sound is not an easy thing to understand 100% so the classes don’t flow as fast as others, which is good.

I am really happy with these classes and the course in general.

Stay tuned!

Learning photography

Since there are a lot of areas I can approach and learn in this course I am trying to experiment a lot. I’ve always liked photography but I never owned a camera, I would always use my mom’s. I decided to ask her if she had any camera she could lend me and she did!!

Now I have 3 different cameras, one analogue one, one half analogue half digital and one digital. For now, I just used the digital because it’s the one I’m more familiar with. I still need to buy the rolls and batteries for the analogue camera.

I long to learn from experience and I am sure that a lot of my classmates will give me some tips too 🙂


Here are the cameras I got!

Can’t wait to start experimenting 🙂